1. Aggravated battery on a peace officer is 30 years. Hope it was worth it 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Aw, I was on his side until he started with the n-word

  3. Are you talking about grey shirt? He didn’t say a word the whole fight (other than the grunts while punching)

  4. black hoodie and his friends were messing with Grey shirt. A teacher said grey shirt got back from lunch he asked to go to the bathroom and ended up meeting up with black hoodie to fight him.

  5. Quite simple really, black hoodie was messing with him, kinda talking shit. Grey shirt (varsity wrestler/in karate) got upset and met up with him during lunch break.

  6. He’s more than a wrestler 😂 get him better comp the other dude is a pussy… “whatchu kicking for”

  7. Forgot to mention that he does karate too, man didn’t stand a chance

  8. Had 5 in total. Lola, Lori, Stacy (Princess Ecstacy), Lucy (Lucille), Khloé

  9. The Midwest cage which is roughly 8 square feet. You don’t want to go any smaller than that

  10. Seems like he could be saying that Starfire had a miscarriage. That would be a good reason for the song seeming so emotional since everyone knew Juice wanted a kid. But I heard somewhere that she disproved it and that she said she never had a miscarriage. I could be wrong

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