1. What’s the link of the Pravda shirt

  2. Why does everyone who posts here have janky ass nails?

  3. Bought two and they lasted a day each, scraped the oil out and took a fat ass dab

  4. They literally had a court document in one of there photos referring to the case “UNITED STATES v. MICHAEL WILLIAMS”. In tandem with the photos of children around bondage gear and other sexually suggestive material it’s more than obvious. Flimsy? Your literally defending child grooming and exploitation.

  5. No child was groomed or exploited, I hate ppl like you for saying that bc I was actually groomed and exploited and the term child abuse being turned into nothing kinda sucks. A kid was pictured with a questionable bear isn’t nearly as bad as being raped

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/z6y3cq/nsfw_ceo_of_balenciagas_parent_company_owns_an/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  7. https://weidian.com/item.html?itemID=4909487661&spider_token=4572

  8. Just got it from them in red they also have white, I don’t think they have black tho. Pandabuy says they are a inferior seller but they r in my warehouse, I’m new so idk what that means but I think it’s fine. I’ll post QC pics

  9. I've heard about it but don't know any good sources.

  10. Are you trying to promote them because that seems like an ad. Also, when Cake is the first thing you're advertising on your website probably never gonna buy from there.

  11. I order from them bc the shipping is basically instant I haven’t had anyone else beat it, subpar product tho…. delta 11 and cake carts 🥴

  12. Bro nobody in this subreddit has above a C in English we can’t read all dat

  13. Nothing to do with this sub. Stop advertising your shitty music in places it’s not wanted

  14. It’s not my music, George made a video on this dude when his music sounded like it was made on a 99¢ microphone. it was like his biggest video in 2018 and showed me this dude, I actually liked a couple songs he made after criticism from that video so thought I’d share.

  15. I actually wasted money and bought one of these. I literally killed it by taking a blinker. 2 blinkers and I was tasting straight cotton and metal. Cracked it open and there was no oil left.

  16. Yeah that’s what happens all the time when u hit blinkers, u don’t taste the mental that’s going into ur lungs most the time but it’s there🥴

  17. If anyone tells you in public “the 8 ball on ur stussy jacket isn’t aligned right” I’d just wack em in the jaw lmao.

  18. Those are tankless quartz carts they are becoming fairly popular out west so I'm sure the rest will follow suit. But as far as I know this is the only one in Ohio that produces these.

  19. That's more convenient and useful than the old method right?

  20. Tbh if you want a pretty intense high you should go for a stizzy. it’s a pod so you will need to buy a new battery but they hit very smooth compared to a regular cart.

  21. I bought a stiiizy and didn’t even feel nothing, just tasted super fake fruit flavor. It’s just a platinum vape with a more popular name and higher price

  22. Same picture has been used before, as a comment has pointed out. And look at the upvotes. Bots. *look at posting history, holy shit, straight money making account too. Any vivimu products should be banned imo

  23. Downvoted for speaking the truth, look at dudes comments he spammed only fans links. I don’t think he’s a real person.

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