1. I feel like a lot of dispos are gonna try to get it just because it’s so popular

  2. Prob a dumb question, but are you allowed to go if your under 21 but have med card?

  3. That’s what I’m sayin haha, I’m just trying to have some fun people just like to hate

  4. Like why is he even in this sub if he doesn’t smoke lmfao 🤣

  5. How's the Buzz...? I have tried the Super sour orange it was okay a little to mild for me.

  6. I thought it was a pretty strong buzz, high lasted pretty long I also smoke fat joints though haha. I usually only smoke indicas so the buzz might be different for you

  7. Smells really citrusy and super sour when I put my nose to it damn near makes me sneeze every time it’s so strong of a smell

  8. $300 my plug gives me crazy deals because I have epilepsy so this is pretty much my medicine

  9. Ahh gotcha good deals I got a buddy out here in Ohio sellin them $500 a pop super fire give you the damn sweats haha

  10. Oh yeah these are fire, last time I got the greasy runtz and that strain was crazy fire. I live in Ohio, just posted on here because I get a lot of my stuff in Michigan for the better deals and product

  11. It’s a nice relaxing high that lasted longer than I thought it would definitely recommend if you like indica’s. And yes it’s from buckeye relief

  12. I’ll have to try out that orange 43, I got layer cake, triple chocolate chip and star dawg. I’m lovin the triple chocolate chip

  13. Mids😂😂 bud doesn’t get much better than this. If your stuff looks better lmk what brand so I can try

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