1. https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen_refunds/comments/mrgyuj/how_it_works_star_citizen_by_galarox_beet_wagon/

  2. Ah yes, the one site that takes you on a trip down memory lane, to show the hubris of CIG and CR with their constant empty "promises"... or one might even say "lies".

  3. Theranos promised they had something they didn't yet, and started operating with that claim - services that caused real medical harm, let alone financial.

  4. The game didn’t ship with the 1:1 ability to explore planets and you know that. It wasn’t added as a feature until, years after it was launched.

  5. In 2020, it was still the case that if you flew in normal space from an orbital station to a planet surface, none of the points of interest or planet landing zones would load in, as that required being shifted into the supercruise zone to load you into the planetary zone via the orbital glide mode.

  6. In game/software development what is a...reasonable pace for adding content for a studio the size of CIGs.

  7. Welcome! Catching on to CIG's lies is an important step. They promised everything to everyone but that's impossible, and their contradictions show more and more as the decades pass

  8. You've been able to do this in Star Citizen for over 5 years.

  9. Actually your wrong and ignorant, MOST pc gamers have disliked loading screens, SINCE LAST CENTURY.

  10. Lol point out the games PC gamers have refused to buy cos "loading screens"

  11. Im now convinced fully this subreddit is just a giant circle jerk haters club. Bring on the downvotes.

  12. Do you watch circle jerks often? Do you ask to join in, or lurk in the corner pretending not to be interested?

  13. On single player setup and low pop/early servers SC NPCs follow coordinated behaviors - on busy ones they get pretty stupid. So I'd say its a range. CreationEngine doesn't really do squad NPC AI tactics and it's use of NPC perceptions is very limited. Other than a limited idea of tagged cover positions they generally have almost no situational awareness.

  14. Which part. As usual you post generalities and rely on only doing so in this subs 'safe space' to validate an otherwise obviously incorrect or empty, unsupported statement.

  15. It's the best kind because cultists can't argue against the gospel of Roberts.

  16. I'd hope someone who keeps making assertions about the topic would have done the minimal research to make statements about it...but if not willing to do it yourself

  17. You are awarded a bronze in this round of Mental Gymnastics. CIG haven't used Kickstarter for over ten years. Welcome to 2023, have you answered the call yet?

  18. Lol you're so broken and triggered you've had meltdowns on like 30 posts on this subreddit in 2 hours lmao

  19. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/how-is-theaters-of-war

  20. Gill is on the media team. They're more than likely referring to the stress of 12 straight days of presenting new media content and coordinating website/hangar gift functionality for the Luminalia event and how over-analytical the community can be about every aspect of it.

  21. Poor guy, having the stress of a messaging to a community itching for a 5 months late patch giving functionality that was promised years ago, while trying to ensure automated systems deploy some cosmetics and news posts to all relevant accounts.

  22. Imagine being so petty that pictures of a video game triggers you. You know, if you put as much effort in work as yall do crying over star citizen, you too may one day be in a position where you can blow money and not care.

  23. Elite has awesome aliens to fight, SC's vanduul haven't even appeared lol

  24. But there's amazing fictional narrative being written into Star Citizen all the time. Over ten years of game development creative story straight from Chris' butt. No scam.

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