M/17/6’0” [230 lbs to 170 lbs] (3 years)

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  1. Sheesh bro ! I remember your post and you were trying with the Snapchat filter, I’d say you look really good

  2. Haha yep, those Snapchat/FaceApp filters helped a lot. They’re surprisingly realistic.

  3. FaceApp. Used the free trial download and photoshopped a ton of photos. It worked surprisingly well.

  4. I go to the gym about 5-6 days a week. Doing a basic PPL routine most of the time, but I’ll switch it up depending on how my body is feeling. Watch a lot of YouTube/Instagram fitness and bodybuilders to check out their routines and form etc and I’ll add those things to my own. Also I pay attention to what I eat - high protein foods are always a priority.

  5. You don’t look 200 at all for 5’10”. You don’t look strong enough or fat enough to be 200 at that height imo. I suppose it’s possible but I’m truly doubting that you’re above 190.

  6. Lol I’ll take that as a compliment I guess? I have a bit of fat, I’ve got love handles that you can’t see from these picture angles. And if I’m not flexing, my stomach pushes out a little.

  7. 💪🏿Nice. Currently I'm chasing that 200 number. At 193. 12 years sheesh. What a time to be alive

  8. The first time I hit 200 (during last years bulk) and I saw that elusive number on the scale, I was fuckin ecstatic. Screamed in my house “I’m 200 pounds!!!” It was such a rush. hahaha

  9. I always make sure he has the best softest towel for him to dry himself after a shower.

  10. Wow, I read through a lot of the replies in this thread. But this one specifically, sounds like you really love and care for your partner. The way you wrote out those details in your comment is heartwarming.

  11. This man is out here just raw doggin water, an OG homie. Respect

  12. That 3rd pic is showing the difference between when I just pulled the cartridge out, and after it was cleaned.

  13. How many years have you been training and how long of a break did you take cause 17 lbs heavier and looks like majority muscle is pretty nuts

  14. I’ve been working out on/off for about 8 years, I was on a break for 5 months in my “before” picture. So that’s why I was so thin and not looking muscular. This 1 year of working out is the longest and most consistent I’ve been in my career so far.

  15. I have been taking cold showers after workout for a year, which i just recently realised may blunt ur gains according to research :/ i still love it though

  16. Body hair looks good, but would take it off the shoulders. It is an observation. I congratulate you since your skin, posture and look have improved a lot.

  17. Haha thanks! I appreciate the kind words. Also funny you say that, because I do have a lot of body hair.

  18. Haven’t hit the actual gym in over 3 months due to quarantine. Been working out at home about 4-5 days a week. I’ve got a few pairs of dumbbells, and a barbell. I have 130 lbs of weights that I can adjust on the dumbbells, or barbell. I don’t have a bench or squat rack.

  19. Haha I’ve got a thread that I started 45 mins ago. Asking almost the same questions right now in the comments.

  20. Why? You hoping for a different answer?

  21. I wanted more more people to weigh in with their opinion. This thread is getting a lot more people to comment on it. TCL still seems like everyone’s choice over the Samsung.

  22. I’m wondering the same thing...debating if that’s worth it compared to the 6 series for $749.

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