Every year my friends and I do a themed No Shave November picture.

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  1. Is one of you professional photographer/VFX artist or something?

  2. I have almost the same question, as I just attempted it yesterday. Is it supposed to hurt so much, almost like a burning sensation?

  3. Can we use you as a video identifying helper then? 🤣

  4. The “i wouldn’t know” guy seems sus

  5. Oof, I was just doing such a course during the summer at SciencesPo! But it’s a summer program, unfortunately!

  6. Holy crap, it looks just like me. Where is it? I have to go see it for myself. It's like it was made for me.

  7. Like many others, I immediately thought “This is my hole!” Then I giggled as I started upvoting all the other comments that get the reference. Problem is, the more comments I read, the more I started to feel a sense of dread and despair. I had to stop.

  8. Underpromote done right 👏👏👏

  9. Winter is the only time I go to the mountains (to ski)! 🤣

  10. “Gosh, I wish I had brought an umbrella”

  11. i also need advice on how to deep throat!!!

  12. Yet more unrealistic portrayal of life by the media. Live with anxiety and depression like the rest of us 😤

  13. Why did I already know where this is going when I read “STAMP STAMP CLAP”? 🤣

  14. Where would we be today if we didn’t have fire? 🔥❤️

  15. White bishop takes all the rooks (minus 3) and then checkmate

  16. I know this in theory—just haven’t been able to do it in practice :P

  17. I know this in theory—just haven’t been able to do it in practice :P

  18. The mystical toilet portal calls to you

  19. Is that the grinningpup himself??!??

  20. I thought there’d be some actual impersonation going on

  21. Does howl’s moving castle count? 🤣

  22. The reason skiers want to live here is because of the snow/steep hill ratio we have. I’ve snowboarded all my life here it’s great

  23. I go to college in Ohio and I can’t find one decent ski place near me 😭

  24. Now both players can sit on the same side!

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