1. Here are the two big aspects:

  2. The developers touched upon this in behind-the-scenes stuff.

  3. There's no confirmation, but it's effectively guaranteed that we'll get a third game. HFW was a critical and commercial success, and the writers have indicated they were setting up Horizon as a trilogy. Personally, I'm happy with just that.

  4. It was a calculated risk. Bohai's not trustworthy, but he's reasonable and competent, and he was the only person in a position to petition the Quen Emperor for military aid against Nemesis: the new Focus was a means of gaining his favor.

  5. I wonder if they cut it for practical reasons (e.g., trying to balance the gameplay, etc) or if they decided it was conceptually wrong for Aloy (because of the amount that shields rely on physical strength and weight).

  6. According to the director, Mathijs de Jonge, they abandoned the shield because the controls were too complicated.

  7. The issue lies not with Nemesis, but with the state of the biosphere. GAIA says that having all known subordinate functions (sans HEPH) would only buy them a few months more.

  8. There's actually a post-game datapoint in the Base that reconciles this.

  9. I'm going to disagree with you on the Burning Shores: they showed very little for the Frozen Wilds prior to release, and I have absolutely no complaints on that side of things.

  10. My money's on Alva: at the very least, they're a Diviner, given their Focus.

  11. Absolutely yes, especially at the beginning. There is a lot more complexity in the new combat system, machines are more aggressive earlier. Burrowers can go underground and use sonic attacks, for instance.

  12. The good news is that you get set off Stalker bombs and turn them against them.

  13. What exactly do you mean by "handholding"? If you're talking about the puzzle stuff, I would argue that God of War Ragnarok had that problem as well: I think this is one of the challenges with increased accessibility that I'm shocked most developers haven't figured out yet.

  14. I think I know the answer, but it's a tad on the spoiler side: how far in the game are you?

  15. YOOO is that Talanah on the splash art there?! Also a Hourus being alive is the scariest fucking thing ever, holy shit. I can't WAIT.

  16. I don't think that's Talanah. Alva maybe?

  17. She does have the white armor but the hair seems too long to be her... Might just be an entirely new character. The Frozen Wilds had mostly new characters, after all.

  18. I was noticing the Quen Focus: at the very least, they're a Diviner.

  19. To me, the most underrated part about the Desert Clan questline is how Drakka's culpability in the water crisis is left ambiguous, and how you interpret it can play a big part in which one you choose to save.

  20. Sounds familiar! I found then 2 interesting contrasts so hope you enjoy as well. Also be interesting to see what happens in Arrow hand if you do it the other way because I know the chaplain goes back there if Drakka is RIP but not sure what happens if Yarra is RIP.

  21. Chaplain Jetakka's back in Arrowhand in both scenarios. The commander has to operate from Scalding Spear either way.

  22. Let me start by answering what Talanah was talking about with "not being anyone's second choice"

  23. You won't be able to explore everything until the next-to-last mission in the game, but most of it will be accessible about 3/5 of the way through the main quest.

  24. Here are some great resources for getting started:

  25. Would have expected the other way. People are usually both inalienable and potential company. And tools are generally alienable. And frequency leads to grammar

  26. My rationale was that using a tool makes it metaphorically an extension of yourself, whereas accompaniment is more tangibly separate. You make a good point though.

  27. Plot armor? A little, but there's some justification for it.

  28. I mean, sheep and goats do exist if we’re talking milk. And the Carja have that whole area on the lower level of Meridian that’s like… all corn right? Or something? Carja peasant food strikes me a more Central American and Carja noble food strikes me as more French

  29. I think you mean the Royal Maizelands. I also got that Central American vibe from Carja peasant food.

  30. Woah, thanks for the detail! Definitely going to reference this comment when building a menu!

  31. Chainscrape's cook, Milduf, mentions a "boar-and-berry stew" and his description implies it's a staple for the Oseram.

  32. For the third game, I'm hoping they take a leaf out of God of War Ragnarok's book with their upgrade systems. Maybe customizable ammunition types for bow loadouts?

  33. Tide's Reach and Thornmarsh-- They are both presented both in game as being across the bay from San Francisco, with Tide's Reach's coordinates matching up with a location in the south bay. I chose to put them on the southern coast of the Central Valley since the Long Coast ruins (which represent the Fox Theater in Bakersfield) is located on the south coast; and the game often shrinks distances between locations, so this could just be another example of that. Plus, having a Tenakth exclave so far away from the rest of the clanlands is less realistic.

  34. I've got my hands on the HFW Strategy Guide: they said that the sea levels have risen by about 30 meters (having been 60 meters higher at the greatest point).

  35. I see, any other interesting stuff the guide mentions about the world?

  36. Unfortunately not much from an in-universe perspective, which surprised me given how much was available in the HZD and TFW Guides. I'm hoping that we'll get a little more in the upcoming Art book.

  37. One of the Legendary Weapons is a Hunter Bow named "Death-Seeker's Shadow": it's pretty much a given that it belonged to Rost while he was pursuing his family's killers. Beyond that, the most we see of Rost is Aloy's memory of him.

  38. Forbidden west only in the sense that it was forbidden to leave the Nora lands and venture west. He only went into Carja lands

  39. No, Teersa said that Rost ventured into pretty much every region of the known world, including "Utaru land" and "further even, into the Forbidden West" (I assume she means the Clan Lands).

  40. Without getting into details, this is downplayed in HFW.

  41. I know what you're talking about, although I don't feel nearly as strongly about it as you are: without getting too much into detail, I think it's symptomatic of a more subtle, pervasive thing than pro-feminism or misandry.

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