1. Keep your chin up :( LDR isn't so hard with good communication (lots of it) so if yiu guys are both stong willed, you will make it, without a doubt

  2. Procrastinating. I need to finish it one day :(

  3. Lucifer. In my opinion it gets bad starting from season 3 and gets too cringe to watch starting from season 5.. A shame cus I really liked seasons 1 and 2

  4. Pyro kokomi. With the healing still.

  5. Yes!!! Omg, yes, imagine her with TTDS, ToTM, AND she would give pyro resonnance! That would be amazing.. I use Yanfei like that for now lol, hope one day we get a good replacement

  6. My Tigh has 84.9 CR, 178 CD, about 350 EM and about 1500 ATK iirc. I consider that a very good build. I use Hunter's path (his signature weapon) tho.

  7. Man I love to see the C6 Triple crown! So awesome :D

  8. 2 bro every single time, you win so much em and a bit of crit rate, and just lose a tiny tiny bit of atk and cdmg, but you'll do more damage with 2 bro always

  9. The crit ratio looks good, but the ATK is super low on him, and considering his ult doesn't snapshot, you lose so much damage by running him with an ER sands. BUT, if you don't run with an ER sands and an ER weapon, you're losing on too much uptime, therefore running Emblem of the severed fate usually is the best choice, for it gives you ult damage based on your ER. Running XQ without Emblem, and without an ER weapon means that you either lose on damage, or on uptime, quite sadly. That stands true unless you have a hydro battery for your Xingqiu, or anyone with a sac weapon who can hand him particles easily.

  10. C6 Kazuha. I'll still main my Kaz once Scara comes out, but Scara will be my second team's leader for sure.

  11. I would disagree with Anemo actually; The common point I find in all Anemo characters is that they all have lost something that was dear to them.

  12. Cigarettes... Stop smoking you guys, please.

  13. The problem I see with free healthcare as someone who lives in france is that our services are terrible, both in quality and pace, when put in comparison to services in the US. I speak from experience. Here in france, doctors will delay your appointment by months without letting you know, they will take their holidays in dates where they were supposed to have appointments, and they will not give you an appointment closer to your normal date if anything happens, they simply will not get you any kind of either payback or early appointment if your first appointment was dismissed for any reason, and they will not call you to let you know about it. It's crazy but I'd rather have to pay for a service that actually does something. A friend of mine AND some of my family members almost lost their lives MULTIPLE TIMES over stuff like that.


  15. Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Live that guy

  16. The other day I told my wife the story of a compliment I received from a stranger in 1989.

  17. In terms of "meta" / "end game", he helps me 36 star the abyss at every rotation. I play Heizou ADC 4VV, Xingqiu ADC emblem w/ Fav Sword, Fischl ADC 2TF2Glad w/ stringless, and Kuki 4TOTM with pjc, lost to it when pulling for khaj nisut smh. But yeah, heizou is super strong even in floor 12, his swirls and his Es really send enemies down easily.

  18. That Bobby guy, the current CEO of activision blizzard.

  19. Holy jesus, magnificent build! Congratulations, this is awesome. 10/10. Keep at it! 'v'

  20. Duuuude D: I wanted Khaj-Nisut but got PJC instead... I would so offer to trade it with you if we could...

  21. I was just outside Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of mount Tibidabo. I was at the end of this path, and I came to a clearing, and there was a lake, very secluded, and there were tall trees all around. It was dead silent. Gorgeous. And across the lake I saw, a beautiful woman, bathing herself. but she was crying...

  22. This is beautiful :) keep cherishing your memory! I hope things go your way.

  23. I don't know, I'm still looking..

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