1. …it would be irony if this was found in a collage.

  2. Well it’s was found in a high school but depending on where you live this would be in a college yes

  3. Your & collage…. Spelling puns…. Joke reply. Never mind 🤦‍♂️sigh.

  4. My bad, please down vote this comnent

  5. Fuck! I felt like someone might have posted this before me

  6. It's fine it's a great sign tho plus yours is in a higher quality than mine was

  7. Yeah, should be used more often

  8. This gave me an audible disgruntled chuckle, thank you

  9. Why is the mat person even holding onto that other person in the first place?

  10. Lamb, cooked lamb goes surprisingly well on a pizza

  11. You didn’t change the video count

  12. White women is defo the easiest hard demon, although hell might actually be a bit harder than it

  13. 9/10 I can see a little bit of his arm

  14. The camera man: hovering in creative mode

  15. It sounds like you used a click bot

  16. Just shapes and beats, Garry’s mod, tf2, ultimate chicken hoarse (you will need friends who also own this game though)

  17. It took me a second to realise it was 275 lmao

  18. I also reached 200 subscribers a couple days ago

  19. I have a feeling that this post will be removed because that was already uploaded here

  20. Sorry but this meme has already been made

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