1. Gay straight or sideways, no one mows my lawn but me. Mowing the lawn is a right of passage that can only take place when a boy or girl becomes a man or woman. In the meantime step aside, bring dad a beer and learn the ways of the mow grasshopper. To answer the above question, in my case it would be my daughter and she can do no wrong. Her choices are hers and I love her til the day I die. I hope that my wife and will have instilled values in her that she understands how to be a good person. She is free to love whomever she wants.

  2. I’m reminded of the scene in Snatch when Avi is coming back from London and the customs agent asks “anything to declare?” To which he replies, “yea! Don’t go to England!”

  3. Peel and slice some golden potatoes, slice thin, spiral out in a cast iron pan, season heavily to taste I recommend salt pepper garlic powder, smoked paprika, next layer on some ground beef, season heavily again, next another layer of potatoes same way. Cover and bake for 45 minutes at 450 Remove, uncover, pour over mix of 4 eggs scrambled with Gouda and cheddar cheese grated small, use a lot, put back in the oven for ten minutes. Take it out and let it sit for about five minutes and enjoy

  4. Fuckin libs and their goddamn global warming! Hail trump! /s

  5. Look for a wet wall or a wall that has plumbing within it. In my house I have a first and second floor bathroom on top of one another and was able to get from the attic to the ground level mechanical room and then into crawl space under the house without drilling a single hole.

  6. What man loves going to target? I belong to the “husbands of target” support group. We meet in the lot and tailgate while our wives are in there buying up the place.

  7. I do, for one. As a single dad I can get most of the things I need for the house, for my kid and for myself. It’s a good mix of everything from toys to clothes to medicines and it lets me get out and just walk around for a while too.

  8. No shame in that brother. Respect to you for raising a child on your own. I’d be lost without my wife in raising our daughter. Truth be told I’m mostly joking around. While I really don’t care for target, I recognize I’m fortunate enough that my wife does the frequenting of the establishment. And bonus on nice days I get a few minutes to kick it in the sun in the parking lot while she does the shopping.

  9. Twins in bayshore. Just took care of my older dogs dental work. Reasonable for the amount of work that needed to be done. Dr Gil and Dr Carlos are super good dudes.

  10. I'm not (yet) certified. I was in the process of getting my certification but COVID and then life happened. I don't know the specifics of why you are asking, so I'm not assuming things. I'll begin by talking about what the FAA requires, which you may already know. I address what you are asking more towards the end.

  11. That’s quite a dissertation. Im newly 14 CFR 107 and the red tape is ridiculous. However, reading sectional charts and understanding the laws, the FAA has ultimate rule of the skies. My understanding of navigating the localities “rules” is if I’m not operating within a township or villages hotzone they can kick rocks as long as I don’t takeoff, land or operate for within their jurisdiction. There’s transiting vs sustained flight and what have you. As far as your recreational explanation, your mostly right, under TRUST you need to abide by a set of CBOs, which is little more than acknowledgment that youre going to not be stupid. Ultimately the purpose of this post is id like to come to know some other responsible pilots and maybe even establish a grouping of likeminded fliers that don’t require a membership to some arbitrary group that requires fees or dues. The FAA rules the airspace and if everything else falls in line then the rest of the BS can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Where I’m going I don’t need roads, and thanks to a very convenient bifurcation between village and township I can legally fly where I want.

  13. Build her a legacy piece that she can give to her daughter/son someday. I know that’s not exactly what you’re looking for in a suggestion but I think it’s not about the design but more the workmanship and the fact that you made it for her. When she’s older she’ll appreciate at it more and more and one day when you’re gone she’ll cherish it and pass it on to her own family.

  14. Agreed. And honestly brother, if you cook it right and it tastes good that’s what matters, not to price tag of the cut.

  15. Low voltage cable, no fire hazard. You could use a tone generator and probe to find the wires at the respective distribution block or switch and disconnect them but really not necessary.

  16. If you can, take some time from work and make yourself the primary caregiver. I split my paternity leave so when my wife went back to work I’d be home with our little lady for ten weeks. We’re in week two and it’s already so different. She trusts me, she connects with me, she finds comfort in me. Mama is still her favorite I think but we’ve got our own special bond that you can really only nurture when you’re the one with them through the days feedings, diapers, meltdowns, smiles etc. good luck brother

  17. If you can find it Montauk Ocean Series Imperial IPA is one of the best beers I’ve ever drank. Not super bitter like a typical IPA, and it’s 9% so a sixer will get him nice for a football game

  18. I’m raising my little lady to someday be the first ever three division women’s ufc world champion. Confident, strong, fearless. That’s my hope anyway she’s only 4 months old.

  19. Not exactly new, but the 1812 overture has cannons. Kids love cannons.

  20. It’s been an odd year for metal for me where major releases have felt mediocre and off the beaten path new finds are resonating with me.

  21. Lorna shores took me by surprise for sure. Almost reminds me of like a cross of dethklok and old Opeth both I still really enjoy.

  22. Bout to be out on 10 weeks paid leave with my 3 month old. So I couldn’t be better

  23. Savor every last minute you get with your mower, the lawn and other outdoor chores. The first few weeks are both brutal and rewarding. I Saturday morning would roll around, I’d mow, down a few beers, wash and wax the truck, down a few more beers, life was easy. Now with the little one, we’ll she comes before everything else, as she should, but man I miss the mow

  24. The traffic, the NIMBY culture, the MAGAtts, the cost, it’s hell on earth. Proceed to downvote.

  25. It's so interesting to me that kids have totally different bodily functions at different times of the day.

  26. I agree. Our daughter has like three mode right now, sleep, hungry/gassy and curious. I’m fortunate enough to be home with my wife and daughter for these first few weeks of her life and it’s been invaluable. I’ve learned tons about her habits, her needs and it going to pay off when my wife goes back to work and I take the rest of my family leave. I’m by no means an expert but no one is when they start a family. Everyone’s got advice, most of it I don’t take just based on how I’ve seen the children of the people offering it. These two guys that told me about Mylacon, I trust them.

  27. The range of advice! My gosh. Polar opposites at times!! Yes. I'm taking my 8 weeks off. I can technically do more, but want to save the others for the holidays.

  28. Yea everybody knows best when you’re not even asking it seems. Again my method is if they’ve raised wild animals, it doesn’t even make it in one ear to go out the other. But the other side is I had a shitty home life as a child so my blueprint of what not to do came from life experience. My goal is to not be my own father in any way shape or form. Because of that I hold myself to an impossibly high standard even when my wife and the rest of our family doesn’t. Almost to a fault. I constantly worry that I’m gonna slip and fuck it up. It’s draining but it’s how I keep myself in line and know I’m going to give my all to my marriage, my wife as our daughters mother and my daughter as her father. What’s funny is our daughter was 2 weeks early, I had her due date as D-Day in my mind. I had things I needed to do, experiences I wanted to have, friends to see, gatherings, etc, we got a lot of them in, but her coming early actually was one of the best thing that could happen because it helped me to see that no amount of planning and preparation is going to matter. Shit changes in an instant and in my eyes, that’s what parenting is about, adapting and overcoming the next challenge. Embracing the suck, and just taking in these little creatures for everything that they are. Their honesty. Their dependence. It’s an experience unlike any other.

  29. Look into getting a pack of windi gas relief that will help as well. The first four months are the hardest it’s kinda funny the album that put my kiddos to bed when they where babies was undertow by tool. Walk by Pantera was another one of there favorites. We always used to joke saying “music to soothe the savage beasts” but the heavy music was the only thing that worked for them. I have four kids under six I still remember the no sleep times and feeling like the days and months bleed together but I wouldn’t change it for the world. And as she gets older your going to have more fun playing with legos or taking her fishing it only gets better from here.

  30. Thank you brother. She’s worth every minute. Both my ladies are my everything.

  31. This reads like an ad-piece for Mylacon. In any case, congratulations on the kid

  32. The fact your elephant doesn't have any creases is impressive in itself.

  33. A few suggestions. Stack a few pads so you can pull the soiled ones out during poopsplosions and still have coverage. Putting just one down is asking for trouble.

  34. Decided against the diaper genie and went with some other airtight vessel with the intention of emptying regularly

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