1. Cox prayers overrated, you dont need those for cg.

  2. Yeah, especially with how good bowfa is before doing CoX

  3. ill take a top 4 with fk on joreuz hours

  4. Regional hasn’t even started and the copium is already out in full force, love it

  5. The real question this season for nrg is will they qualify for the regionals?

  6. Probably gonna get hate for it but for how hyped furia are, you’d think that they would have at least reached 1 grand final across all international RLCS events

  7. only 5 teams made finals all season long I wouldn't hold that against them. I would say furias season of 2 top 6 and top 4 worlds is > falcons season of 1 top 8, 1 top 2, and 9-12 at worlds.

  8. Why are we comparing them to falcons? Shouldn’t we compare them to G2 who performed much better in those international RLCS events? Just illogical for people to assume they will dominate NA or instantly belong to top three with ease…

  9. That’s just worse than the alternatives is the thing.

  10. 95 slayer, lance, wilderness elite diary, lmao…

  11. It’s fine to be 70 prayer until then. You really only need piety for slayer which is a few hours of green drags. You wouldn’t want to be killing wyrms without piety anyway.

  12. You overestimate how much ash sanctifier with half xp gives, and its not like you get nechs/abby demons every other task even excluding the 80/85 slayer req. However you do get wyrms a lot earlier, and most people do quite a bit of raids before 95 slayer as that level is a really high req. I don’t understand why some people pretend like wyrms are this bad, literally takes 20 mins longer max than your avg melee task while banking a ton of xp as you unlock them at 62 already

  13. People still underestimate archie, dude has been stuck with 2 worse teammates since forever. Of course that makes you seem worse than you actually are when you’re losing

  14. Just say you don't watch FK play lol. I'm not even a fan of his really. But the dude has been making bad teams into contenders by himself since he was eligible to play lmao. Remember that G2 got absolutely dumpstered when Atomic first came in, and then was embarrassed at worlds.

  15. But atomic embarrassed firstkiller at worlds?

  16. I was in your world all day, username -Gaeni! Funny to see you here, I did 500 this weekend with 1 zenyte. Guess it's you yoinking them all. Gratz on the luck streak, you deserve it!

  17. Fellow 365ers unite, good luck on the shards just keep at it!

  18. No way he snuck so many players before ANY player on G2 appears on the list(caard, all of moist), yet i’ve seen a few comments calling CJ’s list the best 🤦

  19. Tbh I feel like g2 are a team that are so much greater than the sum of their parts

  20. Why do we not attribute the ability to synergize well with other players as part of your individual skill? Just because theres multiple people involved is a bad argument imo

  21. The more I think about it Firstkiller is kinda just a better Atomic isn’t he.

  22. Disagree, feel like atomic is a better passer/facilitator and works better by playing as a team player whereas firstkiller’s solo oriented playmaking would not have elevated knaps/cago as much as atomic has

  23. The Firstkiller being a selfish player is a narrative that stuck with him since he was on Rogue. To be fair, it was pretty accurate back then, but in Faze, he’s been one of the best facilitator’s in the game. Firstkiller has been the best passer/facilitator/playmaker on every team he’s ever been on. I do agree that on defense he has been selfish, especially during fall, but lately (Roll Dizz buff) Faze’s defense seems way more cohesive.

  24. Yeah I agree with you, tbh I feel like atomic/firstkiller play extremely differently while both still are top 5 NA so I honestly have no freaking clue how G2 would look with firstkiller. Probably equally succesful tbf..

  25. Thank you for the reply. Yes I’m honestly over sleeping sometimes… mostly due to the weed! I do feel a little less sluggish when I wake up which is awesome but around 4:30/5 I’m ready for bed lol. Really appreciate the reply and advice. Thanks again.

  26. Normal accounts are never this lucky, ironman droprates must be boosted to get people to play this game mode

  27. what's this new trend I am seeing of people claiming people argued G2 made the wrong move? Everything I recall was asking why Envy agreed to the deal

  28. There were quite a few people who said atomic was basically a more inconsistent dreaz with higher highs and lower lows because they’re both mechanical, thinking G2 would not be better off. That was some of the stupidest shit I ever read on here.

  29. NRG ready to Mickey Mouse their way to top 4.

  30. Well I knew g2 would win so couldn’t let you off easily sorry

  31. That has to be the most dissapointing performance on a LAN stage ever.

  32. that's literally every endpoint performance on all majors and this LAN

  33. seeing endpoint play on lan makes me wanna end it all

  34. Atomic isn't even on half strength offensively speaking

  35. Please be weird wording, jknaps has been my fav player since season rlcs season 3 it would suck so much for him to retire. He’s also still among the best of the best in the world

  36. The desk closed out the day with the importance of defence and a straight ‘we’re looking at you NRG!’

  37. most likely a blessing for NRG as they will probably win against renegades and then likely play semper to make top 8

  38. So is justin leaving or squishy getting kicked?

  39. NRG will play like world champs or like champ 2's, there is no inbetween

  40. Big questions here just got my first Zenny at 167 if you could go back, what would have been the first bit of jewellery your would have made and why. Have no intentions of doing zulrah and preparing this could be my fait

  41. My situation may be different than yours because i'm in a group but we made an anguish first because it's really good against mid-late game pvm like shamans/basilisk knights etc, absolutely no ragrets.

  42. Thank you, plan to grind out cg for full crystal armour first not sure if ros would be better for bossing than the raw dps of ang

  43. If you cg lock yourself to instantly continue zulrah i’d probs say suffering is more worth with a fury, if you plan on mixing up cg with slayer i’d go with anguish. Honestly cant go wrong with either.

  44. recency bias, or was that the best series this weekend?

  45. Only reason I dislike swiss is that a lot of series don't matter as much as this one did, makes this one one of the better ones for sure

  46. can we please mix up the daniel daniel chants?

  47. You think so? I feel like he has looked better than beastmode

  48. By far the worst on V1 today, literally every goal except maybe one a result of a comm mistake

  49. DIG is like RGE fall RLCX, you have a star (FK and Apjack) then another inconsistent striker that can be insane but is mostly a liability (turo and Joreuz) and then a veteran of the scene that is past their peak but also not bad (Kro and Scrub) I think RGE made the wrong choice in kicking Kro and I think dig should learn from that and kick Joreuz to get some consistency before worrying about scrub

  50. Thought you had somewhat intelligent takes until I read kicking kro was a mistake

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