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  1. is it prostitution that we had sex on facetime thinking he was going to pay us? we haven’t been paid at all so there’s been no compensation but i’m worried about trouble for that aspect also not a minor we are both adults

  2. i suppose it was a rollercoaster for him cause when i snapped out of it i went back to how i usually am he said he isn’t sure what to make of it or how to fix it.

  3. not sure if you’ve tried this but maybe having a discussion with him about your initial emotions and how that could’ve impacted the dissassociation could help him understand what you were experiencing. disassociation can be alarming for the person experiencing it and the people that are around the person as well but with communication maybe he can better understand the state you’re in. also if you behaved in a way that you believe wasn’t you or was something you wish u didn’t do— an apology can go a long way too so people know that you’re aware of your actions and the impact.

  4. I meant it. Even though we can never be together. (Is what I’d say to my person. I know you aren’t her. Here venting.)

  5. And also crazy. She won’t leave him, and I won’t be with her if she doesn’t. And she punished me for that. But I CAN’T.

  6. oh boy. she should be able to understand your position in that. that’s intense. ///

  7. yea i wonder how you can convince yourself whatever makes things easier like that. must make things easy

  8. yea you do, and you have to live with that. they might not be able to accept the lie you are replacing reality with. it might make them crazy, or appear to be so. how unfair.

  9. i’m not talking about pretending when in contact with them but in my own life with no contact to try and move on it’s easier to dismiss it than ruminate on the fact that i love them

  10. depends. if they all sound too similar it’s a bit corny. like if it was jeremy james jude or something vs jeanette annette yvette. the j names feel fine and are related by one letter not a dominant syllable if that makes sense. but this is just my opinion ofc

  11. i’ve come to learn that my go to is to avoid pain and distress. feelings are very intense for me. im working on my distress intolerance by almost treating myself like i would a child. comforting, reassuring, validating. i struggle w black and white thinking as well which is influenced by the distress intolerance and trying to see the middle of bad and good situations is helping me be more balanced.

  12. what’s the context? blue texts seem cold but i don’t know what’s going on

  13. Don’t have a kid if you don’t want one! I personally don’t like having grown up as an only child but that’s probably exacerbated by the fact that I was also raised by a single mother. I view only-childhood as pretty lonely but if your kid will have cousins or you’ll make sure they’re involved with extra curricular and hobbies with other kids then being an only child will be fine for them.

  14. I'm going to steal your journey and make it into an Oscar winning screenplay. Congrats to both of us.

  15. this sounds similar to my relationship with my ex and although we loved each other a lot it was bad timing and it ended pretty tragically bc neither of us wanted to actually end it when it should’ve been

  16. I’m really sorry to hear that your relationship ended like that. Might I ask what had happened?

  17. my partner didn’t work on a lot of the issues she had going into the relationship or that she learned about from our conversations because she has this complex of thinking she’s right and it seems like no one has ever given her consequences for her actions bc she uses her issue as a crutch and excuse so me having boundaries abt things didn’t go over well and lead to a lot of fights. she wasn’t able to respect me and my feelings well if it conflicted with hers.

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