1. Dude I just got some of this (not this brand but thca) and when I opened it I thought to myself this looks like something you shove up your nose not thc 😂😂😂

  2. This brings up a good point, why is there no snortable thc product being marketed, they already came out with a imitated lean product.

  3. Hit AA or the Monroe area. I live in AA so can vouch for there. I see Monroe stores suggested on here all the time. I’ve also seen people enjoy natures med in Wayne. If you hit AA check out Information Entropy, hands down the best place to go here. Don’t buy anything under $70 an oz unless you’re making edibles or something out of it, and don’t get too excited about the subpar free preroll. If you want craft and have the money, hit Winewood, you get 25% off your first time so it makes it worth it, otherwise I look for when they run sales. Durban Poison, Han Solo, Superboof(I hear), are excellent choices.

  4. Lol I got $50 dollar ounces in new Baltimore minis but is very good I bought a $30 ounce at pure new Baltimore it was ok but not great but deals are at vehicle city if you have a med card

  5. Yeah I was referring to the flower at IE. I wouldn’t put smalls/popcorn in the same category. Generally the smalls are of better quality than the regular nugs at any given price point. If it’s cheap, with bag appeal, that’s a red flag

  6. Yep the one thing is you can always open it and look at it first most people won’t though

  7. concentrates are nice but the problem for me is Ohio has it so it can't go past 70% thc same for vapes too and you're getting taxed

  8. Yeah but thc doesn’t matter as much in live resin I’ve had a Ohio live resin that hits harder than a Michigan at 83 percent

  9. yea good point probably loaded with terps michigan's prices are cheap if the concentrates are being made with mid ass flower then thc % wont mean shit unfortunately

  10. Concentrates in Ohio are actually really good even if they are limited at 70 but the prices are dumb

  11. It looks just like the evolve coil in cup design the orbit is a way better device than both of the coil in the cup devices

  12. Get something that doesn’t have exposed coils in the chamber you are wasting so much concentrates and plus the flavor is horrible compared to a non exposed coil like the puffco, dr dabber XS,lookah dragons egg,ispire

  13. Can you give me a brand? I’m genuinely curious. I care about quality over quantity. And I’ve been to michigan at least ten times myself. Every time they had 25 dollar full grams were trash brands. And I am not trying to be condescending I just only found distillate at that price I’d love full grams of legit resi

  14. I got element but they were half grams. What dispo you finding full grams of element for 25 at?

  15. I got 2 .5 at king of buds in Detroit and breeze 2 1 gram breeze live resin disposables for 50 bucks

  16. I understand the difference in the process used to create. However I do not understand what is actually different between the resulting products. Ime the liquid diamond products still taste like distillate and produce the same effects. I guess I’m not understanding the full process then.

  17. It is used so it is still full spectrum and live resin if you use a straight live resin you have to winterize it using alcohol this way it’s more pure that’s my guess and you still get all the effects as if it was a plant you were smoking so they have better effects than disty

  18. Something hanging me up is the winterization step. Where are fats and lipids going if they are pulling the sauce portion and putting it back in. Are they distilling the sauce fraction for terpenes then?

  19. I don’t know the entire process but butane extraction doesn’t leave behind fats and lipids

  20. You should be saying this to about every strain that gets posted then… good luck 🍀

  21. Yeah well most people are focused on thc count when a 17 percent thc with a 5 percent terp count hits harder than a high 30 percent like this

  22. Oreoz is super popular in Michigan kind of like Ice cream cake here glad to see it here now

  23. Thank you for helping me out, I thought rosin but I had a cold pressed cart from standard farms and it was CO2 or so I thought I couldn't remember exactly and it wasn't very good. I try and pass off reliable info

  24. I believe cold press is the plant is frozen then material is pressed in subcritical temps. But I feel like I am missing something that is apart of this process and I can't remember or find anything that differs from what I have read real quick.

  25. Cold press is a rosin . CO2 is a solvent based extraction method that is super clean the yield is actually not as good and requires winterization with alcohol to be used as oil in a cart it is a better representation of whole flower than distillate. Live resin is where it’s at compared to everything. Live is fresh cut and flash frozen plant material that then can be extracted into live extracts

  26. It depends what effects you want ? I would definitely get the indica for night time

  27. Terpenes that are present in indica strains definitely differ from what is in hybrids

  28. I smoked a bunch of them when I was in Michigan they all burned pretty slow because of the resin in them

  29. Why do joints come in such small sizes? I’ve had some like that and they didn’t last a minute, you’re better off dumping it out and re rolling or throwing it in a bowl

  30. Idk but that’s a good question it is a doctors appointment but I bet it’s going to be a no I would call your hsa provider if you can

  31. To be fair I had Standard Wellness Durban Poison shatter and it was straight black.

  32. Standard wellness everyone I get they’re concentrate it’s darker than it should be

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