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  1. I had an authority to leave and courier company wouldn’t leave it. Said they’d be back yesterday and never showed. I have no idea when they’ll update the tracking so I know when/where I can collect or it’ll be delivered

  2. I had one run across my sunglasses lens which I’d taken off and left on the dash while I fueled up on Monday. It’s did me the courtesy of waiting until I was actually back on the road driving when it did so.. I shit myself and threw the glasses on the passenger side floor. The spider was quite nimble and managed to jump on my chest and then onto my leg where I managed to flick it off. It politely travelled with me the following morning to the train station where I was able to flick it off the drivers side window to outside of my car finally!

  3. I went to QLD Transport on 29 Sept, still waiting for my new license but hoping it won’t be too much longer. They have a lot to churn out.

  4. Have you got your new licence yet? I went into the branch 5 weeks ago and haven’t received anything yet

  5. No not yet, I did get an email from TMR on 20 Oct telling me it will take several weeks

  6. Sirromet is the Boondall of the south side. Hope you make it home before your Monday morning alarm goes off

  7. 2 1/2 hours to get home. 1 1/2 hours of that getting out and onto an actual road.

  8. How do we get a new license if the Optus email said the ID details weren't taken. I don't trust them. QLD.

  9. Went to QLD Transport this morning, they are reading the email from Optus you provide at the counter I’m guessing to confirm ID numbers were compromised. Including line up, in and out within an hour first thing this morning.

  10. Yes but my email says my ID details weren't compromised. But I still want a new license. How thoroughly do they check the email?

  11. I get you, don’t blame you either. The CSO who served me looked to be reading the paragraph to locate the sentence about ID, but others might not, you’d have to try.

  12. I finally got a response on the chat. Here’s a rundown: • My account is flagged as compromised • Optus knows this can be worrying • When asked what they are doing to assist customers affected by their inadequate security I’m told it was not done by Optus (the breach) • Then told they couldn’t see that my data had been compromised…….huh? Which one is it then? • I need to go into an Optus store and they can add my contact details (you had them Optus and gave them to hackers) And ensure my account is 100% safe with them……bit late for that Not feeling good about this

  13. The response they gave me:

  14. Contact us when? It’s a joke when us customers are doing all the leg work

  15. I think this one has been a restaurant for many years and is the actual place (or as close to it that still exists now) that is in the book Boy Swallows Universe.

  16. So sorry for your loss, what a handsome boy. I lost my girl suddenly just over 5 weeks ago. It’s the worst…our younger girl is only now just starting to not continuously look for her. I’m thinking of yourself and Fury.

  17. Sorry for your loss… sometimes, like humans, they wait for you to leave (from the Netherlands don’t know how to translate it but I hope you understand that I don’t want to offend you) cause they don’t want to hurt you. She’s beautiful and I’m sure you gave her the best life possible. 🖤

  18. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who offered me words of comfort. I am mourning my girl so much, but can now draw some reassurance that she had her sister Shadow with her and maybe she was trying to spare us and herself the pain by leaving when we were not home. I will keep a very close eye on her little sister and hopefully do the best for her while she to grieves. Kayla was the goodest girl, thank you everyone for your kindness.

  19. So very sorry for your loss. Forever family, forever loved. He looks like the goodest boy ever.

  20. I would highly recommend you give Tenants QLD a call, they deal with this type of stuff regularly and helped me with good advice when I had to break lease

  21. NTA, you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat an animal that relies on you for its food, safety, comfort and shelter. I’d go off my nut if someone treated my dogs like this. You’re husband has clearly showed you who he is, believe him.

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