1. It’s not true though. He’s not being honest - he’s fucking gaslighting her.

  2. I had to go check .. . Op, you're hot! Don't let your lesser half put you down. He's an ass.

  3. At 3 kids don't really remember. Why don't you start some 'just us' family memories?

  4. I will get a c-section for my second child in one week and I am really terrified(I am so scared of the spinal anaesthesia, of the surgery and of the healing process afterwards).

  5. My first was an emergency c-section. They tried everything to get him out but he got stuck on my pelvic bone.

  6. Married with separate bedrooms too. Yes we have frequent sleepovers. I have back issues and need a hard mattress and he prefers a pillow soft one.

  7. This! My bed has to be super soft for my back (weird I know). His bed is definitely too firm for me more than 1 night.

  8. My bed is like a brick with a little give. I sleep like a baby. Any time I sleep in his bed I wake up with sore everything.

  9. Because I have a shitty table that has been a craft tester (so it's full of paint, stickers, glue, etc etc) and I started sticking those seals on the side. I have 5 or 6 so far over the years I think?

  10. I'm disappointed. I was thinking you've artfully wallpapered one wall in your house with the wax seals :(

  11. Sleeping Beauties. One of my favorites. As afab and with roe v wade, this book really 'gets' what it's like to be a woman. The fear mongering etc felt very apt for where the US is politically with women's rights.

  12. Look for your local community center for adult education classes. Arts, photography, instruments, creative writing etc. The fees are pretty reasonable as well.

  13. Can confirm. Hams absolutely do not fuck around with wildcat transmissions, especially direct jamming. They will triangulate you, and they will report to the FCC.

  14. Yep. I was thinking the same. I would like to meet Fido before I’m allowing them to live in the rental.

  15. Some insurance policies may not cover for bully breeds, German sheppards, the breeds considered dangerous so check out your insurance policy too

  16. The caucasian shepherd is one such dog.

  17. Huge dog, met a few here in Russia. Dumb as a brick and only loyal to one person, lots of cases of them biting people that weren’t properly introduced to it.

  18. It's weird for sure but is this the hill you want to die on? Suck it up and wash your own underwear from now on. It's not worth getting kicked out over.

  19. Mom, I love you but I think it's odd how, well, obsessed with my 6 yo body. I'm letting you know this is an area we will not be discussing further, nor will you discuss it with my daughter. If you try to push it further I will have no choice but to step back and go low contact with you. I hope you can understand and follow through.

  20. Absolutely. Suffering through ppp is hell; went through it with my 2nd child. Her husband should be thrown in jail.

  21. Ppp sufferer here too. It was the scariest thing Ive ever been through. When I told my now ex what was happening i.e. hide the knives and watch me sleep. He did and got me in for treatment the next morning.

  22. People have a hard time with dry humor because they can't tell if you're being serious or joking.

  23. This reminds me of that Monica Lewinsky joke from the 90s...

  24. So Monica has been really self conscious about all the press. She decides to treat herself to a little liposuction to get rid of her love handles.

  25. Is he doing this to Mark territory? There could be outside cats that come around and he keeps peeing there because he's leaving a message

  26. Also, it's probably not a coincidence that 1998 is 5 years after 1993.

  27. A family member opine had a falsified birth certificate. It came to light when the person turned 18. It was a huge mess to fix

  28. Okay so we are getting close, I was having this conversation with 9yo about all the ways he could start earning money soon.

  29. My 12 yo is a polar bear in a human disguise. Shorts and t-shirts year round. Trying to get him to wear a jacket when it's below 50 degrees is like herding cats.

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