1. bhai kya kru, dimag khrab ho gya tha, i know likh k off chli gyi, fir maine likha bye uska reply bhi nhi diya usi time, fir m apni bchi kuchi self respect pack krke chla aaya vha se

  2. "If you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, do what's easiest and let the motherfucker squeal."

  3. Guys that want you for you want you around all of the time mostly. If you're both free, they'll be within reach of you. You can look out the window or put out your hand, and they'll be there in some fashion. Or there'll be some token of them in eyesight; or the phone will be ringing because they want to talk to you. Their friends will keep you informed of their interest; you might find a friend or two of theirs popping up when you're at the market or mowing the grass. Their little sister calls you for advice. If you're in school or at work together, you'll see their head bopping by in the hallway; everyone you work with will know his voice, face, car. He'll want to know where you went to school, where you went on family vacations. He'll dress up for you, wear pajamas, drink your favorite alcohol instead of his. If you cry in a movie or at a song, he'll make you feel better and he'll turn it off the next time it comes on. Any threat to the relationship will be shut down. And you don't have to do anything but your part. Yes, his hands will be all over you all the time. He'll always be holding, squeezing, reaching for something and drawing you closer. He'll literally absorb you into his body when you're sitting next to each other on sofas, airplanes, cars, He'll unzip, unsnap, unwrap, untie everything you have on absentmindedly while standing in lines, at bars, in movies. But that will be in addition to all these other things. People will tell you he's crazy about you. Never settle for anything less.

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