1. TDM is easy to find games around 3pm-1am. Same small pool of players, some cheaters. I can’t speak to hardcore but that’s about it

  2. I’ve never ran into a cheater before, is it possible to use cheats on console? I’m on ps

  3. the extra hp is actually pretty beneficial for the egolem graveyard deck I'm using, overall feels like a buff

  4. Datastream one of the most beautiful in the game, that's for sure - especially crimson, FG, and orange.

  5. No idea, but I do have a painted orange cert data - but guy isn't responding anymore, maybe it wasn't a real offer.

  6. Seems like it, he seems to not be making any actual offers for anyones datastreams

  7. Ye but snowball is supreme. Better than zap in literally every single occasion except sparky/inferno tower (and only these 2)

  8. Supply and demand bro, he doesn’t have unlimited time and has mastered a deck over thousands of hours. Other people would like to learn from him and if they are willing to pay $100 why wouldn’t he take it?

  9. If I’m able to make 100k gold in 2 fights how would supercell be able to diddle my wallet? There’s a reason why gold is painfully slow to get, it’s because the more they force you to wait for it the more likely you are to spend money on it.

  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13dO0FkMv94BNJVlXnsixInQRI3xpPICLk7V2mfvEle8/edit#gid=0

  11. Pop the red white and blue balloons around the boardwalk to get seeds and rockets for the launcher once you earn it.

  12. Buying them from the gym bro helps offset some of the rolling

  13. If your looking out your shop door, go to the far right side of the boardwalk (ocean on your left) you’ll see some workout stuff at the edge of the beach. The guy does go away at later levels.

  14. In the beach, east side of the pier. Not specifically in front of your store. East side of the pier to the end of the beach near horse statue

  15. I don’t know which direction is west in game and I can’t find a horse statue anywhere, sorry but would you mind sending me a picture of it next time your going to play the mini game?

  16. Yeah it's in the beach in front of your store. Between the sand and water (shoreline?)

  17. I stopped playing for about a week one time and it was like my thumbs were punishing me for making them touch the controller again.

  18. Yeah lol, its like trying to write with your non-dominant hand, the muscle memory just isnt there

  19. I had the same problem. I took a 1 month break due to moving and everything from aerial to simple shots felt so wrong. I literally thought my controller was broken. I fell from low GC to almost diamond. It took me about a year to get back to GC.

  20. Yeah, Rocket League is definitely not a very forgiving game when it comes to muscle memory and mechanics so a small break will set you back pretty bad.

  21. Try finding a website that sells iw steam keys, g2a is selling it for 20 bucks i think, after that youll have to find a seperate key for season pass.

  22. Get my free award for spending your time typing this

  23. The game doesn’t count hours the app is open. It only calculates how long you’re on the field.

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