1. With this, the strange ride through portland video and all the posts about the police is he trying to justify a future shooting?

  2. Personally, my experience with model railroading goes back to my childhood. At that point, I didn’t really care about specific time periods or places. Thus, a lot of my collection is comprised of what I thought looked interesting and is fairly random. For a lot of people, this is how they enjoy the hobby. For others, they prefer to build a prototypical, photograph-accurate railroad.

  3. I really like steampunk, history, and trains in general, so the idea of an "alternate history" is really cool!

  4. I got a deko kit for my birthday a while back and it's actually really awesome! Not the same kit, I wish mine had that level lmao, but I really like the little trim hammer mine came with, and the socket sets, Allen wrenches, and wrenches it came with are getting some use and holding up pretty well

  5. Jesus. The amount of sweat coming off that poor man.

  6. I feel bad for him tbh. He made it thru tho that's all that matters

  7. It's to test the voltage on a human and see if their heart is beating. It goes in rectally

  8. I have no idea about how things are in Australia, but I wish you luck!

  9. I'm currently in school for engineering, and most pharmacists will tell me that I made the right choice switching majors

  10. "I'm going to have to go to the hospital because I'm withdrawn and tell then you wouldn't give me my meds" is my favorite one without a doubt

  11. It is pretty lame when everyone says 'oh, you're just a floater'. Or, when the techs are required to evaluate the performance of the float pharmacist. I'm all for flipping that script, and giving these pharmacists a more respected title, and having them evaluate the pharmacies they work in.

  12. It may have something to do with the floaters being closer to my age and not complete assholes, but I have always meshed really well with any floater that came in (with one exception). They tend to be more adaptable than the staff pharmacists in my experience, and I would consider myself adaptable as well. There are days where within an hour the floater and I have developed a good rhythm and done far more production than I typically get done with my normal rph. I always had a ton of respect for them because despite the constant shit and lies they get from customers, and how poorly they were treated by management vs staff pharmacists they still put their heads down and get the work done

  13. Okay for a start 1 amp is way more than is needed to kill you. Second you can't push 1 amp through human skin without large voltages because it has a high resistence. Remeber I = V / R

  14. Came here to say this. ¼amp passing thru your heart can kill you, an amperage found in household batteries. Car batteries are ridiculously high amp and low voltage. Again, without the voltage present, they can't kill you. Current is also not always present, hence why signs say "danger high voltage" and not current. The people who make the point about "current being whats dangerous" usually know just enough to kill themselves

  15. Exactly this. If you don't understand how current and potential are related then you shouldn't be working on this stuff yourself, let alone trying to give advice to other people.

  16. Fuck around and electrify the whole outside of your pc. Bet no one else is touching my shit then!

  17. Yale is hiring at all times, it's always worth a shot. I'm not sure where in the state you are, but a lot or the rite aid cvs and Walgreens locations near me are hiring as well.

  18. Those look the exact same as my first pair, I started four years ago.

  19. I was about to say that those look just like the ones I got about a year ago, so it's really hard to tell without context

  20. My coach turns bats for us. The biggest issue for him is sourcing good quality blanks to be used for bats. You can't just go down to Home Depot or Lowes and get something that's gonna be quality enough for adult ballplayers to enjoy using.

  21. That seems to be the most consistent answer, that getting the wood for it is hard. I am fortunate in that my aunt lives in a really really wooded area, and will let me cut down trees on her property, and I actually have some maples cut but not milled. I also now understand that the desired moisture content of the wood is "impossible" to achieve at home so I guess it might be fun to see about coming up with a way to do that at home (ik big wood working shops have methods of making wood more or less moist, so it's definitely not impossible)

  22. I make my own bats, and bats for teammates. Check my profile!

  23. I am already a woodworker looking to get in to baseball, and because of that have a few maple trees probably about 100 feet in total length of wood I cut down on my aunts property to mill, but have only milled a tiny bit. I have a pretty spacious shop set up in my basement with a ton of tools and experience under my belt, and I honestly forget how stressful it all was at first.

  24. Seems like they are doing it by the book and we're being kind about it. Maybe if you took that hair from across your ass you'd realize it's not your property and just live nicely with the neighbors

  25. Yes 😂 a very popular discount clothing store in the US (at least the north east us) is called TJ Maxx

  26. Great place if you need like a tie or something last minute but will never wear it again and don't want to spend a lot

  27. I'm glad you mentioned it because my mind often doesn't think about the situations others would get into in this kinda scenario. I'm not an educated mechanic, I just got tired of being ripped off by the local shops so I forced myself to do everything myself lol. That being said I have used heat guns for many things including electronic repairs so I guess my experience with them is more than the general person who might just have one for crafts etc.

  28. I was just trying to get some flashing tape off a window ac unit with one that is owned for heavy-duty cable splicing and absolutely obliterated the paint on the window (was coming off next anyways), which is why it's on my mind lmao

  29. Ah, yes that makes sense. I believe my gun doesn't go much over 300 as it took at least 2 minutes to liquify the top 1/4" of the candle.

  30. Ah yeah mine does like 750 or something like that so that candle hack might end up as a er visit hack

  31. Hold the bat as loosely as you can without throwing it back at the pitcher when you swing. Tension in your arms fucks your swing.

  32. This was actually one of my big issues when I was like 11, so thank you for the reminder

  33. White-knuckling the bat or throwing the bat at the pitcher? :p

  34. I’ve always used that style of knife, haven’t even really tried the snap-off kind. I grew up helping my dad install floors so maybe that’s why.

  35. It can clip on a hardhat, and it claims to write better than a sharpie in many conditions encountered on jobsites. I was at HD getting some basic shit when I started in maintenance, so I don't have much experience with sharpies, but I have definitely used this marker on containers with diesel on them, wet surfaces etc with not too many problems

  36. Thanks! He’s not moving out yet, but he is taking an interest in working on things so I figured I’d get him started :)

  37. Dude I'm in the exact same boat rn. When people give me tools as gifts, even if it's a set of used harbor freight wrenches they lost half of, and I can say I have ___ tool of my own, and not have to rely on my dad's it feels awesome. I wouldn't even know how to react if someone bought be a brand new brushless drill and 2 high quality sets of bits to go with it

  38. This guy doesn't wear knee pads and then sits at the bar alone, complaining to strangers about his knees 100%

  39. Someone stole some glove clips from THD... Naughty naughty.

  40. Holy shit this just reminded me that I used to hoard these things at Amazon and haven't used em in forever

  41. I don’t have any advice on your questions; however, I’m curious as to what you’ll do/gain with 10Gbps. I have bidirectional 1Gbps and it’s amazing but the most I’ve taken advantage of it is when downloading a new Xbox game and it hits 600Mbps (for some reason never hits full gig or close even though it’s wired)

  42. I still live at home, where my mom runs a web design business and is a photographer on the side. We've had 2 up 2 down for a couple months now and nothing has had the slightest issue. 10 gigs is crazy

  43. Thank you! I actually didn't know that about aderall so I'm genuinely grateful to you for telling me!

  44. Mdma is methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, not that you'll encounter that in nursing, just to emphasize how so many things are similar chemically but still definitely don't produce identical effects. A great way to explain to patients who know enough to know that Adderall and meth are chemically similar, but not the big difference tiny things make biochemically that anyone can understand is that we need DIhydrogen monoxide (water) to live, but drinking hydrogen peroxide will kill you. One hydrogen is the difference

  45. I want to work in ED and eventually go into paramedicine, so I probably will encounter MDMA 😂

  46. If every SLC got the restraints from The Riddler Revenge at Six Flags New England, the world would begin to heal.

  47. The new restraints are not bad, but that ride has been bad since I was 10 years old and had been on it twice. It's among the roughest I've been on. My favorite slc, which had the updated restraints for quite some time, frequent retracking, a decent view and endless Leg choppers,

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