1. It’s why I will always say In-N-Out is the much better burger. Not only, to me, does it taste better, it’s still like $6-8 for a full combo meal.

  2. Personally I think In-N-Out tastes worse and aren't fast casual but high quality fast food. The quality is good, and the value is good, but it's just not at the top of my list for flavor.

  3. That mug shot looks like it taken in their home (notice the pink walls), also the police force is incompetent.

  4. Yea it's really the best gaming subscibtion out there. It's a shame Sony won't put it on PS

  5. Sony is anti-consumer and anti-competitive. They were the ones that didn't want crossplay and refuse to publish their games on rival consoles and are reluctant to publish on PC.

  6. Man I've given up on pursuing some hobbies because of this exact reason. I bought an Ali express Dremel and then I read carving stones without precautions is dangerous for your lungs smh. So then I had to buy a respirator, a fan, shop vac etc so I'm looking at free diving as a hobby now.

  7. That's definitely worthy of being called a cheesesteak. It's funny how you can get a great cheesesteak anywhere near a 50 mile radius in PA or South Jersey, but you venture out farther and it becomes a bad roll with a slice of steak-umms and a slice or two of cold yellow cheese.

  8. There are definitely places that do cheesesteaks well outside of those areas. But you're right that like 90% of places serving cheesesteak are serving garbage, pizza places reusing their old rubbery '''cheesesteak''' topping are the worst offenders.

  9. _KT5 says:

    Fuck that racist but i didnt know the US had Aldi’s

  10. The US Aldi is trash, at least in my area that has two of them. Only ever one cashier, and the aggressive Aldi cashier meme is 100% true, I've seen so many arguments between the cashier's and customers. Produce is poor quality with berries often having mold.

  11. Call me old fashioned but I prefer a diamond that caused destruction to the way of life and actual lives of an area of people. Just feels like it means more

  12. Same, I want a conflict diamond because it's signifies all the conflict me and my future wife will have.

  13. That’s why the girls all want to dance with a log driver.

  14. She is a fucking powerhouse and sounds great. I've also seen her live twice and she killed it both times.

  15. To be fair, the first video she's not dancing at all, unlike Taylor Swift. While Miley sounds great singing live there, most singers can... sing.

  16. I wonder how these people ended up getting arrested or found.

  17. Yeah most large tech companies have had big layoffs post covid because they overestimated how much of the growth would be retained.

  18. They didnt overestimate retained growth. They ramped up to meet demand and are now cutting it back to above normal levels.

  19. They probably just overhired because of the pandemic

  20. Wouldn't deshrouding a regular 4080 and slapping your own Noctua's be a lot cheaper?

  21. People did this with Ampere. There were quite a few consumers and YouTubers that made DIY Noctua shrouds for their GPUs.

  22. This isn't feasible in most areas. Data centers tend to be in less desirable public areas, and have a security perimeter. This means you'd have to run piping a considerable distance to heat another building. Spending millions to build a pool or other public building next to a DC to dump heat into simply doesn't make sense.

  23. Oh yeah, they fuck with their hair dicks right? Why don't they wear do rags rather than loincloths?

  24. Maybe they still excrete waste in that region? I've never watched the movies TBH.

  25. Scan & Go is a function on the Sam’s Club app where you scan your merchandise, pay for it, and 1 person checks the customers as they exit the store. This eliminates the need for multiple human employees who require a paycheck and benefits. The fact that the store is encouraging people to use the app over the human cashiers is clearly an attempt to increase app usage and decrease cashier usage. The remaining employees who do the rest of the work aren’t making more money, but all the payroll savings are going to the shareholders.

  26. DeX isnt new. Most people dont care about it because it still requires a monitor, and ideally a keyboard and mouse. At that point you might as well just bring a laptop or use a desktop. Also because it doesnt run Windows 90% of users dont want it, yes you can claim Linux is great, but the average user does not want a Linux distro.

  27. Lets not pretend Samsung owners cant be critical of Samsung's decisions, and hardware. I'd actually argue that a lot of owners are the most vocal ones as they know Samsung issues and problems first hand.

  28. That also pushes people towards adult dogs, which are typically 'less desirable' to people looking for a dog, when in reality adult dogs are often far better for a lot of people to adopt.

  29. Unless you get a very old dog, a dog will probably cost you much more than that over its lifetime in just food. Nevermind vet bills, toys, training/dog sitting (if needed), etc.

  30. don’t all charities take money off the top though? some of them have ceos that make millions…

  31. Yes some charities like Komen are a scam. But in the US you can look up the organizations financial statements if they are registered as a non-profit they must release a Form 990 financial document to the public.

  32. ..idk, giving to some charities can be pretty gullible too

  33. Komen being one of the biggest scams. If you want to donate to help end breast cancer, donate to charities that fund R&D, fund mammograms, fund mastectomies, help those in need. Not ones where their biggest expenditure is marketing and their executives earn millions.

  34. You probably couldn't buy that many stacks of Monopoly money for just $1...

  35. Pot roast is one of those dishes that never looks pretty, but always looks good.

  36. You can definitely make pot roast look nice. Just plate it with mashed potatoes, and keep the meat intact and arrange the carrots or whatever you use. Also make changes like using pearl onions instead of a cut onion.

  37. I realize it's purely a matter of preference, so this is really just a "me" thing, but I always feel like I'm the only person who sees charcuterie -- and everything that entails -- and finds none of it appetizing.

  38. Nah, I agree with you. It's basically snacks dumped onto a table and arranged to look more elegant. But as people eat it, it just becomes an unsanitary mess. Think about it this way, you're supposed to grab some food, eat, mingle, grab more. Are guests washing their hands between snacking? After shacking hands, hugging, petting animals or holding babies? Nope.

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