1. All the people I know that take drugs for problems like this that increases their performance (e.g amphetamines for adhd etc) feel guilty but they and you really shouldnt. I aint saying that you do but if you do, dont! Everybody is different, U GOT IT

  2. Idk man, I live next to Hopkins and it doesn’t give off “non-elitist” vibes

  3. Really? My friends went to Hopkins and they tell me that they were the least condecending school in the top 10s

  4. That's an interesting question, I find that House is never really highly ranked on "best TV show" lists so I imagine it's popularity will dwindle which is surprising because when it came out, it was insanely successful.

  5. I think that it presents a character that will not be valued by gen z. House is acerbic and toxic besides his genius. Gen Z being oblivious will not be able to see past his toxicity and understand that his pain is "causing" it and in my opinion he is not even that. He always does his best and hides besides a facade

  6. Nobody. Hugh Laurie is House and House is Hugh Laurie. When characters get this attached to an actor, replacing them is a recipe for failure.

  7. Yeah i agree in thesense that it might ruin the og series

  8. He did try to steal a joint wilson was rolling for one of his cancer patients.

  9. No, I'm speaking of the joint of marijuana he tried to steal from wilson.

  10. goes to show, just because you’re in Yale doesn’t mean you’re intelligent or intelligible

  11. When did i say i am smart. Please tell me i didnt want to offend anybody.

  12. He got by on his brilliant analytical skills. I think he was scary-smart, but a nightmare of a student. Let's not forget he was abused by his father and would be acting up in any classroom.

  13. yes exactly, that probably was a factor. It says so in the wiki

  14. In the books and the shows the exact same thing happens

  15. Famous or respected? You’re gonna have to pick one please.

  16. If your "political opinions" are that minorities don't need certain civil rights or that women don't need body autonomy or that climate change isn't real/man made or that people who can't afford healthcare should just die in the gutter, or you vote for politicians with these "political opinions"...then yeah, you're a bad person and I hate you.

  17. Yes i agree with everything u said. BUT voting for trump once and then not is sign of incompetence and stupidity not a sign of agreeing with him. The same goes for other politicians. The things you said are things that should be considered essential from the beginning as far as democracy is concerned. The FACT sadly that they are controversial is just wrong in every sense. People that agree with the are in fact BAD people

  18. Still a senior but I’ll be a triple major with chemistry, bio, and health policy. Wbu?

  19. I was a double major at an ivy. Religious studies and microbiology

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