1. Hard agree. Ever since white people on reddit discovered this phrase it's been beaten to death a hundred times over.

  2. I prefer the almost as overused phrase “play stupid games win stupid prizes.”

  3. Freak accident. His breaks failed. And everyone’s treating the poor sucker like a fool even though it could happen to any of them.

  4. Black folk I don’t care where you are from, do not go to other countries and show your fucking ass. You get what you get and don’t. Cry for help.

  5. Seriously though. Can’t believe people people are justifying this indecent exposure. I don’t care what you dress like, but if you’re showing parts of your genitals or ass crack in a public space with children then you’re trashy through and through.

  6. you did not just post a grandayy video

  7. This era was when memes started to turn to rot. Too much people got access to the internet. I think the downhill trend began in 2015 with do the nae nae and the blue gold dress memes.

  8. Bro. I refuse to believe that dress meme was that long ago. It felt way more recent.

  9. He obviously didn’t know just how fucked he was for doing this. If I hadn’t seen/heard about jumping off cruise ships in the past I might think this was a fun thing to do also

  10. If I didn’t have a crippling fear of heights or the sea I would also think this was fun and not completely unsafe to do.

  11. there is no relation between biology and math you bastard why you want to make me sad

  12. Like this isn’t the gayest subreddit of all time

  13. Ugh you don’t understand. I’m only constantly posting gay porn and referencing animan unironically.

  14. It was 1904, so definitely not a child by that time periods standards (it’s still messed up though).

  15. Especially back then they did. Parents had greater control over their kids for a longer time back then. It wasn’t until around the Vietnam War when people came to realize that if you were gonna give these people guns and send them out to war then they shouldn’t need their parents permission to take out a loan and do other shit, and thus the age of adulthood was lowered to 18 in US and other countries began adopting that rule over time.

  16. I call bs on this story. Shrek 2 was 2004; phones weren't nearly at all interactive back then. Even the infamous Razr didn't have much options than to change your wallpaper to a picture of a beach or play dumb games like Snake. No one were really glued to their phones back then.

  17. OP didn’t say it was from 2004. It could’ve been from a few years ago. Who knows?

  18. What is wrong with our schools today?? How are we allowing this sort of thing to occur?? I swear the sense of entitlement and softness has gotten way out of hand when a girl wearing purple crocs thinks she can bully other people! You are meant to be bullied, purple croc girl. That is how school is supposed to work.

  19. It went downhill when he strayed away from science videos to lore videos. Sad thing is I remember when he had the poll for it. He dropped a poll on YouTube and somewhere else saying what people wanted. Lore narrowly won and he's hardly done a science,/math based one since.

  20. Yep. I unsubbed from that channel years ago. The FNAF lore videos were fun and interesting at first, but it got very repetitive.

  21. Sky bound was amazing, but the ending could’ve been better. Hands of Time could’ve been good, but you could definitely tell there were budget cuts there as the animation and storytelling got worse. I haven’t really watched anything past the movie, so I can’t judge everything else.

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