I, personally, hope every rail union goes on strike and shuts this entire nation down.

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  1. Looks nice. Does this have the flippers / buttons on the back?

  2. Have you tried it on PC? Does Steam Input see the flippers as extra assignable buttons like the paddles on the old Steam Controller?

  3. I believe it does, I messed up the LB on a previous one and I use the paddle to replace it.

  4. Literally walks passed the front of the stage then somehow makes it behind stage with the sneak slam.

  5. So this is going to be the one we take a stand against and spend NO money on right?

  6. They're not down. It's just your typical luck of the draw game launch as to whether you'll be able to get in and play or not.

  7. Waited over a hour in a arcade mode queue and never got into a game, so I quit not worth my time

  8. I afraid to read the last two issues because this one was way too happy I just know it's only downhill from here

  9. Xbox has the 1tb standard with around 800gb+ actual storage counting the system software downloaded. PS4 had the 1tb standard too, so I just find it weird how the reversal of storage size is so fine.

  10. Well the original ps4 launched with only a 500gb hard drive. Later versions were upgraded to include the 1tb. Ps4 you could also just get bigger hard drives and install them. I have a 3tb hard drive in my ps4

  11. That's really my point that they worked up to the 1tb in the past and now we regressed, you right the only game my gf got downloaded takes up 124gbs

  12. I love how Marcus has killed everyone of Maria's men we have met.

  13. I love how she finally claims it all unapologetically, like I have always chosen you for this purpose but still kinda shades him when she says “I think that’s sad” when he claims he’s really good at it

  14. At first I thought he ment he was good at being an assassin's but then the second reread I thought naw he's a good boyfriend killer

  15. There have been several posts about Sherri & Cary specifically regarding this. I’ve posted in 2 or 3 of them.

  16. This doesn’t change the fact that you are late to make this point/post and didn’t even do a basic search or scroll through the sub to see that you aren’t making a new or interesting point. 🙃

  17. I just saw the notification that you responded, see life is so much easier ignoring things that don't matter .

  18. I cleared the legendary symbiote Spiderman quest with a r1 6* doom so you should be able to do that with a r2 doom

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