1. Comparing 2 different styles of free roam, one is in small areas the other is a whole map

  2. i dont really know but some people say that it could be the facial recognition thingy

  3. i have a similar idea where the puppet basically makes the toys more aggressive becuase of her wanting to find afton

  4. Everyone keep on saying "who asked" but why not "he asked"

  5. And the ps2 game is very fun to play.

  6. damn i remember using the cheat code to get those golf sticks i forgot the name of, i played the game alot

  7. Very decent, would be more cozy if there was some spruce logs in there

  8. I hope that Freddy is still a father figure, and is not going to maul me

  9. Freddy upgrades to abusive father #relatable haha guys right haha...:(

  10. The only thing you got wrong is afton being a threat. The only game he was a challenge was fnaf 3, and that was because he was the only animatronic lmao

  11. depends what you mean by "challenge", him in lore? Well he should be dead but for some reason still kicking but also dead too, still his animatronic body can probably kick a child's behind with enough battery, now if your talking about the actaul videogame gameplay then i agree with you.

  12. At that point you may as well actaully go get one shotted by a covenant spaceship

  13. This is why i never go to the end once i obtain a few shulkers and a elytra, not worth loosing all my stuff.

  14. That dimension isn't worth going to once you get what you want, it's basically how the nether was pre-nether update, get a few things and never come back but the difference is that atleast at the time the nether still had a great use (making nether highways) unlike the end now.

  15. No, because slabs are already a half, that’s why “half slab” is incorrect

  16. For people saying multiple wardens can't spawn, yes they can (atleast on bedrock edition) , however not sure if this image is true since he's in creative.

  17. Not a big surprise since theres already flying ships in the end

  18. Why not this feature be a legit thing, this will make building a lot more free, and chiseled book slab stairs would be cool too

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