I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Hi! RSO works really well. There are many processors that are putting out the RSO oil, it will be labeled ''for vaporization'' but it's an edible and everyone uses it as an edible. There are also RSO capsules, some of them contain powder that has a lot of other ingredients in it and Botanist puts only coconut oil in with there RSO.

  2. I didn't realize you could vape dry flower...

  3. THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for all of this information!!!

  4. Many patients make it a habit to video the label, unbroken seal, then the opening and weighing of the flower that way when there is a shortage like you've experienced there is proof. I hope that the company is fair with you about this! Be sure to let us know!

  5. gross, so just under the limit and it's great for medicine to be inhaled into the lungs, ok

  6. Interview, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, start with those and then keep going if you like. I've read the entire Vampire Chronicles*, The Mayfair Witches Trilogy, and the crossover books, it's best to read them in order of their release. *I did NOT finish Memnoch the Devil, I just was not into this book but many people love it.

  7. This is laughable at best. Pain management doctors as well as specialists do not prescribe opiods to cannabis users. I was told I cannot receive opioid pain treatment via my Rheumatologist while consuming cannabis. You're right about going out of state.. but Ohio isn't giving you shit for pain if you're a cannabis user.

  8. It is not laughable. There ARE Ohio PM doctors that prescribe opioids to MMJ cardholders. True they are few & far between and they don't work under certain hospital systems but they are out there.

  9. But you go get a physical from a nurse practitioner. The Dr signs off. Anyone who drives a truck or van that says Odot with numbers on the side has to do this. Any substance use they won’t give you the certificate/physical needed to drive. I know. I’ve done it

  10. maybe they can't look up your OARRS unless they are prescribing. There are rules & regs on who & how OARRS is to be used so it is quite possible that the ODOT NP cannot look up your data when doing a physical.

  11. Don't be afraid to bring it up, better to bring it up with your psych before you get a card and make purchases at the dispensary because once you do buy , that data gets uploaded to OARRS which your psych looks at before prescribing any scheduled meds (benzos for instance), so withholding that information and basically going behind their back (they may view it that way) and getting an MMJ card that may deteriorate you relationship with them quicker than just asking to get the psych's viewpoint.

  12. Got it thanks. I guess I'm just jumping the gun a bit. I was just confused since the site already shows my new 45 day windows.

  13. you might have to email them (or call) that site is sometimes ''glitchy'' much less now than early on but ...

  14. Be careful leaving them for more than a day or two or the RSO can ooze out and make a bit of a mess. I tried this with some Sunkist fruit gems and did a bunch at once like this and kept em in a little tupperware container and the RSO did start to ooze out after a day or so.

  15. could you stick them in the fridg or freezer until you use them? that might slow that ooze

  16. microdose the edibles too. Cannabis only helps me if I hit it more than one way, so edibles and a vape or vape the dry flower, sometimes add a patch. I see CBD was mentioned, it's good medicine too. All works together.

  17. RSO works! I've purchased this brand (not sure about the THC level though).

  18. HSA is monitored federally and might question it and not allow it. We stopped using the HSA because they were such a pain to get almost anything approved.

  19. Curious question if anyone knows. Why not put this source harvest info on product labels the consumer receives? They clearly have the info from the picture so more info on what you're buying would be fantastic. Unless that's the reason and sales would decrease due to the product not really being what it says it is? This kind of feels like False Advertising because they are advertising Product A but you really get Product B.

  20. there is much that they don't include on the labels but we don't know what those things are because the state has to decide if we are worthy, lol

  21. in the books near the end of the series, I don't recall which one but there are several female vampires living in a hidden cave mansion, Gabrielle knows them, AMC could easily focus on that coven and expound on the story.

  22. So, this begs the question...where the hell is Lestat while Louis is in Dubai?

  23. Maybe back at his castle in France! That's where he was at the end of the books.

  24. He has a castle? My mother always wanted me to read this series, interview was her favorite book after Mists of Avalon.

  25. have you tired Garlic Cookies? It has a funky basement/mushroomy flavor, not sure about the odor so much. It's Chem Dawg & GSC.

  26. My eyes get drier even with edibles. But you may be different. I hope that you have time before your surgery to test an edible and see.

  27. When did this happen the calling everyone junkies thing sad I missed that I'd love to see the thread. I fucking hate klutch after I had this problem and was told I'm an idiot and to fuck off. 🤣🤣

  28. Favorite spot of James Harris, in The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Vampire Slaying

  29. That scene didn't happen in the books. It is difficult to say just why the show writers decided to have Lestat go all hulk on Louis and then bite & drink without consent.

  30. Yes, I’ll add on something from the show creators- Lestat was trying to avoid all the mistakes he made in his life so far in choosing his companion. His two other great loves were Nicky who was the violinist mentioned in ep 1 and his mother. Obviously neither of them are still alive so he picked Louis because what he saw in him was different enough that he felt he could be safe that the same fate wouldn’t befall their relationship. But he’s also not good at relationships or the human condition so he overcorrected, whoops. I think of it like in trying so desperately to not have the same pattern play out in your life you have blinders on to the obvious.

  31. Lestat's mom, Gabrielle is alive and well all the way through the Vampire Chronicles, and supportive in her own way of her son, Lestat.

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