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  1. Damn, Didn’t know that Sai Baba was cool like that 👁👄👁

  2. I am pretty sure , it is mentioned n scriptures that he used to have sexual relation with all his 16000+ wives

  3. I’m not arguing hinduism to be the pinnacle of science here. But if you are comparing all the religions then yes certainly it is. The concept of Vimanas, pythagoras theorem on how to make a poona yagya, earth being billions years old where abrahamic religions say it was only 5,000 years old. Comparing apple to apple, yes it is. Now i’m not saying we should get credit for discovering any new thing because we could never act/implement upon what we had

  4. Pythagoras theorem is invented in india , wtf ? Don't post whatsapp university knowledge here please.

  5. No saar do nat say that our flying baby monkey god really eat the sun god's baalls it is now discovered by NaShA saar that we know thousands of yeaars ago

  6. If a Muslim or Christian country does the same to any pious hindu figure,the same fuckers will cry Hinduphobia.

  7. My head started spinning when I read it's velocity can change but its speed cannot.

  8. Maine bhi NOTA kiya tha but mera toh polling booth ghar ke piche hi tha, subhe 7 baje hi de aya tha. Betichod phir se BJP jeet hayi.

  9. Anybody's credentials do not matter. What matters is solid evidence. I would like to quote Professor Richard Feynman --

  10. Atheists claim that they are intellectually superior to religious people because they are willing to question their beliefs, whereas religious people are dogmatic and refuse to question their deepest beleifs and won't consider evidence that could potentially undermine those beliefs.

  11. Increasing individual freedom is then why there is no mother rights or father rights (which theism promotes) and when it comes to individual freedom atheistic democrats only promotes something like bisexual transgender fury wolf wagon.

  12. Haan pata hai mujhe kyunki mein padha likha hoon jhaatu, ye do alag alag words hain jinka matlab lexicon mein alag alag hota hai, randwe

  13. Theek hai, okay 👌🏾, very nice 👍🏾, main haar gya bhai, tere is “Daddy Please University” waale joke ne mera moo band kar diya, ye boht hi behtareen joke hai, beautiful, you’re gigachad, and also mere “jhaatu” pe apna innovative “jhaatu” maarne se mujhe ye samajh aa gya hai beta ke aaj tum kuch to seekhe ho, ab raat boht ho rahi hai, so jaao, aaj ke liye itna kaafi hai :* mera bachcha goodnight

  14. bahi mai hindu hu mujhe iss mai kuch offending nahi laga bas title badal le koi offend hoke galiyan dega

  15. Yehi chutiya baat hai desh ki, koi dharm ganda nahi hai , insaan bsdke hai 🙂

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