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  1. .     .  ✨          ✦      🛸       .          . . . .                                          .🪐

  2. Aberration is S+ everything else is just noise

  3. Plain water first 4-5 weeks. When u start feeding w nutes, use abit less what manufacturers label says

  4. .     .  ✨          ✦             .        . . 🪐  . . . .                                          .

  5. Vistiek Kaune geriau m, dabar esu Vilniuj nej to bokšto natos nei ką, o ta egle... Gal išvis nekalbam apie ja

  6. Tai jeigu nuo eglutės dairaisi, žinoma kad nesimato bokšto. Gal nereikėjo vilktis iš to Kauno ;)

  7. žinok nuo tėvo namų-didžiausios Vilniaus dalies daugiabučių rajono. Tas bokštas nieko neipatingas

  8. Nelabai suprantu kodėl tu čia nori Vilnių apšikt.

  9. Rusai atchujarina 23h ir jau nuo tada iki 24h tai šen tai ten kas vis nori pasirodyt kokia kietesnę bombioškę nusipirko ir dar gerokai po 24h tas pats, gaunasi vos ne dvi valandos košmaro tiems kurie negali to pakelti, žmonės, augintiniai, laukiniai žverys. Plius 80% susprogdinę savo fejerverkus visas tas dėžes tiesiog palieka ten kur jos sproginėjo. Fejerverkai yra šūdas

  10. Bruh.. nail looks painful nice nugs tho

  11. Careful with nutes and water. Less is more. Don't rush it, keep on researching we all learning, doesn't matter if it's first or 100th one.

  12. Looks like it already flowered, you need to cut the stalk if u want to see next bloom :)

  13. Just go outside for a walk. It will be way better high than getting paranoid abiut getting caught.

  14. Those are calyx. They are seed pouches. Pinch it, they should be empty. Squeezable. If you can feel something inside, it's a seed. And it would mean that u have hermie, but you are all good bro don't worry

  15. Is that selvedge/line idk how that's called looks like fishing line to me, anyways is that what you are using for LST?

  16. That can and will grow into your stems. You should use stretchy plant tape, pipe cleaners, or rubber-coated wire, something that can be more gentle to your plants. I prefer rubber coated wire because of their stability.

  17. What's your ph? And are you using any calmag or molasses? Stem looks red

  18. First pic looks dope bro, beauty 👌

  19. .     .  ✨          ✦                           ゚     .    ✨   ✨        .     . °   ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ,           .   .   .   .               . . ✦.     .  ✨          ✦      🛸       .          . . . .                                          .🪐

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