1. Moises isn’t great either. Ask literally anyone who’s worked with him at his CC, in the TSR office, or in UniCamp. He’s a disaster. He only tries to get the top positions in every extracurricular solely for his resume, does a shit job by being incredibly irresponsible (the things he’s done while involved with UniCamp are completely unforgivable and HIGHLY inappropriate but I feel that it is not my place to be discussing the details of those situations), and ends up getting blacklisted (why he hasn’t continued the 2 previously mentioned activities ^ ). He’s literally infamous. I am not exaggerating when I say that I haven’t met anyone who’s worked with him that has had good things to say about him or liked him.

  2. As someone who worked directly with him with unicamp… he might’ve just been the most manipulative, childish and irresponsible person I’ve ever met. Not going to share details but to do what he did to kids who already has trauma and come from troubled homes really shows u how he is as a person.

  3. What did he do ? I feel like I have to know in order to make an informed vote

  4. 🤷‍♂️— it doesn’t make sense especially from the lane they were supposed to be driving .. I wonder what happened

  5. I have no clue where they got their information source or if marijuana can be laced with fentanyl, but I found this site

  6. Thank you... I really needed to hear this today 😩 also if anyone is thinking of doing Lancaster don’t do it

  7. What is the height of the start of the top bunk to the floor ? As in the height of the closet under the bunk bed ! Can you also measure the length of the that same area ? Thank you for doing this ❤️

  8. Hi! I gave the closet measurements somewhere else, so I'll just paste them here:

  9. Hello, I am confused to the maaax. So my roommate (group leader) got a housing offer. It is exactly what we wanted and everything was perfect. However, my other roommate and I have not gotten an offer. We were wondering if we should just lose hope and start looking for off-campus housing. Does anyone have any insiders on the topic? Any recommendations?

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