1. Lucky I got the original official of this. Just wish I had ordered MCIS vinyl.

  2. To Sheila is just beautiful. Prefect intro to such a nocturnal and ethereal album.

  3. You think they think we love hot sauce, popcorn, and spray cheese? I wish they’d have an American do this. It’s 1/3 pretty good. The rest is just repetitive and other country’s versions of our stuff. Get Ruffles… not Danish potato chips. Those things look like dime size. Ours are the size of a tennis ball diameter. Kinda a sad selection. The best things they have are fluff, syrup, cocoa, yellow mustard, and a hot sauce. They don’t need 40 versions of hot sauce and squeeze cheese. Get two or three each and you’re more than good. They should have Fruit Loops, Oreos, Doritos, Cheetos, American High Fructose Coke, fruit roll ups, Ranch Dressing, Miracle Whip, taco kits with tortillas and seasoning, and lots of other things I can think of that seem typically American junk food.

  4. I just pulled one that’s actually a tad thicker. I’ve started to get white hair and that only makes them thicker. As others have said, they’re really like hedgehog quills. I can smush mine and tear them apart and it looks to be several smaller hairs bound up in one pore. Very odd.

  5. Yeah I asked someone on an Instagram story what her favourites artists were and she said AJR. That's honestly a discussion I want to get into cause idk why she likes it. Sorta Disney like appeal and relatability? And I think my (former) friend started listening to them cause he likes her lol. Idk

  6. Good analogy. It’s like Disney Channel college music. Music for the masses that appeals to everyone it’s so standard and cheesy.

  7. Yeah. They’re pretty bad. It’s all college, coffee house, hipster droll. And watching them is even worse. Barfaroni

  8. This is the design I’m looking at. Snow White, movable jaw, no beard… I’d mix the maggots though. Krampus is supposed to be scary… not gross. No big in gross out horror.

  9. I don’t agree because I love the first one so much, but Aliens is considered better than Alien by many.

  10. Boys for Pele, Under the Pink, & Choirgirl Hotel are the best visually IMO.

  11. It’s very vintage 80’s album cover style. The textures and shapes remind me a lot of abstract album artwork like Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. It’s basically just a vibe of space it gives which is appropriate.

  12. I don’t care WHO is talking crap about you on sites outside of the relationship you two had. She hasn’t gone into it to address anything until you did because it was none of anyone else’s business and Kaya didn’t want to play into some random person’s thoughts. But now Jake goes and makes a video trashing her to respond to hate comments from people not involved. It shows what kind of person they both are. He’s insecure and will trash people to look good, and she wants to just go on and ignore people. But now she had to defend herself since Jake himself chose to go into it. That right there just shows you what a loser he is to trash her over internet comments from randos. So yeah… I was willing to give both of them a new start and ignore my previous notions, but not now. I’m not following Jake anymore. He has no morals to just keep his yapp shut and to be a grown man about a breakup like she did. It’s cowardly and small of him. Lost a viewer here. Kaya gained one.

  13. This Reddit isn't ran by anyone who works for sideshow

  14. Well then it’s just a warning to others. Never had anything but heartache from them sadly.

  15. I consider myself very lucky after hearing other people's horror stories. I have not had an issue myself after 60+ orders. Have you looked into ordering from specfictionshop or big-bad-toy-store?

  16. Yeah. They are certainly popular. I get it, but I had an EXTREMELY crappy experience and consider myself lucky to have dodged a future hassle. Their coupons are deceptive, the site is not very user friendly, and the customer service was a nightmare. In the end I got locked out for some reason. So I had made an alternate account because I thought I did something wrong when ordering and wanted to use the coupon. So I got it all fixed and ordered a $200+ figure with a pretty good discount… only to find out they just cancelled it and I was SOL. It was because I made an alternate account. They also were very blunt about me not being welcomed to order from them anymore in their first contact. I had spoken to customer service before with no issues because of the coupon confusion and then just got the shaft. It’s their policy not to have duplicate accounts. I understand this for limiting order purposes, but I hadn’t even purchased anything before. The very least they could’ve done was contact me and have one if the accounts cancelled as it was all just user error with their vague discounts. It wasn’t the way I think should be dealt with by an established company. Felt very unprofessional way to respond. How about.. explain to me what I did wrong… flag me for future duplicate accounts… keep me as a customer with a warning. Especially when it was all just because of confusion over their emails and discount only on certain products. It was an innocent error is all. I was so off put and shocked by their brash actions I decided it was a sign not to do business with them even if I could work around it or ask for another chance. I was done. Lost my money and business. I’ll go to another site.

  17. There's some difficulty with this and things that would need to be taken into account.

  18. Yeah. That’s the problem I was thinking about too. With all the Kickstarter, investments, and support… how do you calculate that? I was more just interested in sales in general comparatively to standards.

  19. Same, boys for pele and it is also my favorite. Life changing.

  20. These email are so scammy. Most of the time they give you a discount code that hardly works on anything. They don’t tell you that. Bait and switch. I’m done with Sideshow.

  21. I’ve had nothing but heartache since looking and dealing with them. Today I just had an order cancelled because my account had been closed. It was due to their poor website reloading things and not functioning correctly. So rather than try to resolve it, they just cancelled my order and told me I’m no longer allowed to order from them. Wow. I was highly put off, but then thought… I probably dodged a bullet. No thanks. I’ll go somewhere else. They totally fugged up here.

  22. These types of people don't carry for protection. They carry for their ego. This person hopes to use their firearm someday. Responsible gun owners hope they never have to use it.

  23. Absolutley. All it shows is immaturity, ignorance, self doubt, and fear to be like these types. How afraid and insecure do you have to be to constantly flex like this? It’s actually extremely sad and speaks volumes about the lack of education and poor mental health of our population. Paranoia and fear rule and breed hate, disinformation, and fear of things they don’t understand… and that’s usually most everything. Guns are their last defense against some invisible boogeyman. They don’t even know voice leading them and coaxing them along is the real boogeyman and it can’t be fought with guns. It’s easy to use people who aren’t educated and are afraid of everything. You tell them you’ll protect them and weapons so you’re the savior of an invisible threat. Meanwhile you can take loads of money from those that sell weapons and get rich while doing it AND gain votes from the gullible. They know facts don’t matter and fear rules everything… and they use it to keep people that don’t know any better in line. It’s the sad state of our world right now.

  24. Yeah the game is beautiful of you admire people like Dalhmer or the occult. 🤮

  25. Nahhh… Lucifer is amazing, but Scorn is so much more tasty. Nom nom nom

  26. Venom is one I find myself admiring pretty frequently

  27. Maybe even set in around 3k years in the future (something we could only discover at the end of the game), where the ARK is running low on power and the WAU has taken control of Simon below.

  28. I agree! The digital part of the WAU could even infect the ARK. There’s always possibilities to go back.

  29. Personally I enjoyed a lot of Cyr and like everything from Atum so far, it's just his modern singing style I have trouble with. He can still sing like he used to, he just refuses to for some reason.

  30. I found Cyr pretty good too. It wasn’t stellar, but I enjoyed it ok. I think people try to expect the new albums to be like the old stuff we fell in love with. It’s been decades and he’s moved on creatively. That’s ok… it’s his band, but to expect it to automatically resonate with the original fans from the 90s is tough. I give it ALL a chance because I love them and want to give them at least my attention. I don’t force myself to love it and certainly don’t expect him to write, sing or play the same. It’s not fair to either party. Do I hope for another Siamese Dream or Pisces Iscariot style record? Of course! But I feel lucky to have the ones I fell in love with as an important musical time in my life.

  31. Nice version! I’d like to see a vinyl one with disc wear through too. Those are always fun.

  32. Try Santigold if you like the Igor album. She’s on it and she’s one of my favorite artists. Her first 3 albums are PERFECT. Still looking into #4. She’s amazing.

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