Mr. Doodle spent 2 years doodling his entire house

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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Remember how he was worried about this conversation making him look less masculine in front of his wives? He didn’t want to even be there. I think he planned this patriarchy speech to show them his knuckles were still dragging on the ground.

  2. I just have missed what Paedon said? Is there an easy link or episode? I try to stay up,on all of their crap, lol, but it’s hard. Hahaha

  3. https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2022/09/18/paedon-brown-son-of-sister-wives-stars-kody-christine-brown-slams-kodys-claims-about-being-the-man-of-the-house/

  4. She stayed in the family though. In their worldview, that is important.

  5. But does Meri give Christine grace? Their relationship, by all accounts, is nonexistent. Christine even said that she has no relationship with Meri and Robyn.

  6. QUESTION? Didn’t they all live side by side on a cul-de-sac? Why was he going in and out front doors? Why did he never use back doors? We’re the backyards all fenced apart or all combined? Why? Weird?

  7. Good question!! Well it was faster to cross the street then run around back for some, but depending on the house, it would sometimes be easier to slip through the back.

  8. What's the deal with the music? Was he going to discuss something heavy with Janelle? It's perfect for the interaction with Gabriel, in any case.

  9. Oh that was because this was when Truley was in the hospital with kidney failure from Kody’s neglect to give her water when she had the flu when Christine was out of town.

  10. I did not find his speech scary or intimidating. I actually just rolled my eyes. Kody is all bark and no bite.

  11. Narcissists don’t like when things are running smoothly. They will uproot their families like this so they can come in and control shit once it gets chaotic.

  12. I haven’t seen it debunked. I think it looks pretty legit.

  13. Ye I mean, ik I wouldn't be able to fake that

  14. No and the story behind it sounded real to me too.

  15. That’s a grown-ass woman….not a girl. Come on, lady.

  16. Yes well it’s a sinking ship with Christine jumping off so they’re scrambling to get when the gettin’s good, I’d imagine.

  17. Just when you thought this man has said the stupidest possible thing….he totally outdoes himself! We are definitely never disappointed…wow.

  18. He’s annoying alright and he’s BETTER not mess up Interview with a Vampire!

  19. That dress is the least of her problems. Why are you putting up with that cancerous growth on your right side?

  20. You’re a sick man, Mr. Doodle. Good luck reselling that place.

  21. Well, you definitely lack empathy. Congratulations.

  22. Oh I need to use this video for my classroom! Here’s what happens kids, when you don’t put your phone away! Lol…my word

  23. I didn’t go to a forest kindergarten but my old school had a big fireplace and we would sometimes make pancakes over the fire and they would hand out knives which we would carve with, when I found out that Americans would scream at that idea I didn’t know whether to laugh or be concerned

  24. We are disturbed here in America. Our kids are way, way overprotected. It’s the result of our litigious society, unfortunately.

  25. Many of my friends sent their kids to ones in Oregon, some even on Mt.Hood. They just ask you to send them in these full body jumpsuits. They all loved it.

  26. Wow I didn’t know about that! I should check those out (I live around Vancouver)

  27. For me she just seems dated…like what is interesting about this? About her? The black anatomically correct heart is kind of interesting. But this person is now so predictable. She’s presenting this illusion in a time where people are trying to show more grounded “reality” (tik tok). She is so carefully curated. She can’t let go of the illusion she has built for so long. But she (and the others) are slipping and getting desperate to hang on. That’s why you see her feeble attempts at being “real” and trying to keep up wayyyyy after that boat has sailed. It’s sad and pathetic.

  28. How much longer is this alien tech aesthetic going to last? They can’t even go to the bathroom in these outfits. Impracticality ensures a die out soon…please let it be even sooner.

  29. I've been in retail management for way too many years. Products that get stolen the most get tagged. Period. Point of sale systems flag these for you. No thought process involved.

  30. Yes I see random things tagged that I have no idea why. It’s math, according to the store. But there’s a bigger social problem, that has nothing to do with the store, as to why our society has so many more people of color that are disproportionately poor. That’s real. But the store isn’t arbitrarily choosing things that POC would choose.

  31. I'm not the one who typed the original post, I've copied it over from

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