1. Phone, Mail, TickTick (todo list), Calendar

  2. I rub my big belly and run my fingers through what's left of my hair. Then I slowly put a hand down the back of my pants, bring it back up and sniff my fingers while applying my best "You can never have me" look.

  3. No, black suit is for weddings and funerals. Gray or navy

  4. I did not have to google "penile pearl". Thanks, Reddit!

  5. Apple's Magic Mouse has its batteries facing the same way:

  6. Came for this comment. Thanks, have an upvote!

  7. I use this a lot. In fact, this feature along with song genres is why I don’t use Spotify.

  8. “the only point in buying stock is to sell it to someone else for more money later”

  9. Netherlands... debit cards are accepted virtually everywhere, even at farmer's markets, etc. Pretty much none of my friends or colleagues carries more than say 20 euro, if any. I still carry cash just in case, and people are usually surprised by that.

  10. Agree that the app's UX is bad. However, I like the change to highlighting—I would often accidentally highlight text while I actually wanted to select.

  11. This happens to me but that’s mainly because I have massive donkey hoof thumbs, lol.

  12. Same, switched from X to 12 Pro Max, it's a lot better.

  13. You might also try buying USD.EUR if you can't sell EUR.USD and trying it in the Web Platform rather than mobile - though it sounds like this may be a Hungary Legislation issue based on other comments.

  14. Not theoretical anymore. DMA was signed into law this month, major changes for Apple upcoming:

  15. End-to-end encryption doesn't work in RCS (it's not standard), so RCS, as a replacement for say text messages you get from your bank, is pointless.

  16. Can you define the pyramid principle?

  17. Pyramid principle is a great approach!

  18. I've run a few Test/Deca cycles around 400mg per wk Deca, never got Deca Dick. Quite the opposite, I was horny as fuck and wanted to fuck everything. My dick was hard morning, noon, and night. My wife was scared of me, so were her friends. I'm actually scared of how I'd be on Tren if the Test/Deca cycle made me a sexual mad man.

  19. Hehe, only one way to find out. I am like that on Tren.

  20. Lol. I got some Tren H sitting in my cupboard. So tempted but maybe Tren A first at a low dose.

  21. Always Tren A, easy way out if shit hits the fan.

  22. You're probably right. It was my 2nd cycle, many years ago. I have learned to better manage my E2 since then, including learning that Aromasin works better for me than Arimidex.

  23. Yup, you can give eq a new try. It's wonderful for endurance and apparently Jay Cutler's favorite for mass building.

  24. Right... I absolutely loved it. Not looking to bulk more for the time being, but will definitely consider EQ in the future. Cheers, bud.

  25. What's your TDEE? How many calories do you consume on a bulk/cut?

  26. What is the reasoning behind this restriction in the EU? Why has the EU imposed it?

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