1. To be honest, it looks like the other person is making everything unnecessarily complicated. There's a lot of intellectualising going on a.k.a. using a lot of smart words in conversation to lecture you on something.

  2. Reminds me of bunnies who don't have a partner. They will groom their owners instead. Does he have a partner? Bunnies really need a partner, they're social animals and will feel alone with human contact only.

  3. INFP woman here with an ENTP partner. In our dynamic, I'm definitely the manager. Discipline is a learnable skill, not a personality trait. So there are good chances your bf can improve when he knows how you feel and how important this issue is to you.

  4. I didn't know this was common. I think asking an author (without knowing or acknowledging their writing style) communicates arrogance.

  5. Get back at her by proving whatever she said about you wrong. When his family finds out you're actually a great person, they will start to question his sister by themselves.

  6. To each their own. I would prefer if there was a disclaimer for toxic ships in the fashion of "this is a toxic dynamic, please proceed with caution" or something since Fanfiction readers are surprisingly young.

  7. If a parent isn't doing their job and monitoring what their child does online it isn't the responsibility of people online to raise that child.

  8. Were your parents able to fully curate your internet behaviour when you were 12 or 13? I politely doubt that.

  9. Is she neutered? She 'could' be moody due to hormones or even a false pregnancy.

  10. Well, your chances of finding a partner who has lost someone in their life increases the older you get. I understand, though, that a lost partner is a special kind of burden. In my opinion, it depends on the grieving person and how they deal with their grief. I would not categorically label people with deceased partners as undateable. They can be the best partners, actually.

  11. It's always a bit dangerous to over-value indirect communication (texting, social media, lalala). Since he is happy to meet and hang out with you, I think that's a solid sign that he likes you. In case of doubt, just ask him about it. INTJs are usually very honest and straightforward. (But don't rush things.)

  12. I was also friends with/dating an INTJ, who never had a relationship in his life and told me right away he was not ready for a relationship. (We did not end up together. I'm now in a wonderful relationship with an ENTP)

  13. I would ask them why your MC seemed annoying to them. Maybe you can learn something from their critique (character work). Worst case, they can't answer because they have no real arguments to prove their "hate".

  14. Not words in particular, but I'm hyper focused on eyes. So many glances, piercing gazes, expression changes in the eyes, soft gazes, narrowing of the eyes, blown pupils etc.

  15. I'm not sure man, I'm just saying that if I had a happy non toxic anxiety filled upbringing then I PROBABLY wouldn't be the way I am now

  16. I'm sorry you've had such a difficult youth. I would still - politely - argue that defense mechanisms like guarded emotions and high self-reliance are not the equivalent to being an INTJ. Trauma can mimick INTJ traits, sure.

  17. In my experience, readers are *super* invested in finding out about deeper motivations slow-burn style. I don't think your readers would be upset with an ulterior issue at all !- unless it comes out of the blue. So, you need a good set-up.

  18. I briefly dated a guy who was exactly like this. Was sweet and charming, gave me all the signals, but he ultimately told me he is not ready for a relationship, which he had never had before. I was devastated and felt played.

  19. Your opinion is yours and valid, but seeing the words "lazy" and "author's style agility", I feel obligated to give a friendly reminder that for some authors, English is their second language.

  20. Oh sorry, that was not my intention. English is actually also my second language.

  21. After they're done reading, I provide a questionnaire that gives specifics that I'm looking for:

  22. That's awesome! But I would hand out the questionnaire before reading. Then the betas will pay extra attention to those things. Instead of "Do you sympathize with Klaus?" and the beta goes "Who's Klaus?"

  23. Why do I feel like your Dom is jealous, or intentionally wanted you to have a bad experience with that other Dom.

  24. speaking two (or more) languages. you can generally tell when a bilingual character has been written by someone who doesn't even know the basics of another language, let alone anything beyond that.

  25. Can you please elaborate? I often read about the ominous mumbling in a different language when bilinguals realistically only code-switch to one word (which is easier accessible to their brains at that moment) in their second language. Frequent code-switches might also occur when the bilingual knows the other person is also bilingual (e.g. parent).

  26. How do you get along with INFPs? I'm in a relationship with an ENTP and he's the best partner I ever had: absolutely wonderful, gentle and caring. Never get why everyone thinks INFPs are too sensitive/whiny to withstand ENTPs. I bully him more than he bullies me, hehehe.

  27. Saying your not responsible does not in fact make you not responsible

  28. 468 - the regular name is “the Truth Teller” said to be the most intense of the tritypes and best to have in an emergency

  29. Ah, I have been heard. What's your MBTI and ennea? I'm an INFP 4w3 486.

  30. This has nothing to do with MBTI. You two need couple's therapy or (worst case) a divorce.

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