1. That’s not very “supporting the troops” of him, further showing how Republicans don’t stand for anything but their own power

  2. We should’ve lost and taken Spain down with us

  3. Should Germany have given up 3 goals after the Japan - Spain game ended to spite Spain 🤔?

  4. Every GQP accusation is projection, because Republicans do hate their voters

  5. Walker went on a rant about werewolves and vampires at some campaign event this week.

  6. I still don’t understand how a million Georgia voters looked at Walker and said “this is fine”

  7. This looks interesting but I have the same question as this user

  8. Trump is a moron, but even he knows that running 3rd party guarantees a Democratic victory. Really don't think he would do it.

  9. I could see him doing it purely to spite the GOP for not giving him the nomination

  10. I wanna get inside the head of a Hobbs-Kelly-Schweikert voter and fix whatever brainbleed they have

  11. People seem to like splitting ticket in all the wrong places for some reason

  12. Just saw that myself! I wonder why it aired here when I’m in Richmond, va?

  13. It seems Walker doesn’t even know what state he’s running in lol

  14. Wow, I found a comment from someone that "we have to accept" that Nassau County, NY (Long Island) is "red" now just because of one election's results. That's real doomerish if I've ever seen it. Nassau County is like the quintessential suburban territory that doesn't like extremism but also really cares about their pocketbooks and "mUh cRiMe rAtEs," which obviously is bread and butter for traditional Republican voters and makes it prime real estate for swing districts. The thing that this person seems to have forgotten is that Nassau County hasn't voted for a Republican president since 1988. Turnout was probably lower than average this year for some reason, spurred on by Lee Zeldin being from Long Island and Hochul not having been governor for that long yet. This year was a perfect storm for Republicans on Long Island, but calling Nassau County "red" now is a huge exaggeration.

  15. Agreed, with presidential year turnout we’ll definitely do better in Long Island

  16. Don’t delete your shinies, send them to Pokémon Home

  17. CO-3 isn’t quite lost yet, and even if it is, the fact that it was at all close is a win in and of itself

  18. And “governing as liberals for the past 2 years” is supposed to be a bad thing… why, exactly?

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