Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. People post this every week, every season and nothing changes because people still watch.

  2. He made an official proclamation on video requesting a paternity test to prove that Burrow is Mahomes's father. So, yeah, pretty dumb. Kelce is theatrical and over-the-top, but he wasn't wrong.

  3. NFL is rigged and we're the ones aiding it. Bengals game (especially the second half) officiating was sketchy as fuck.

  4. Mahomes makes 500 mil but I'm over here livid about this $15 parlay falling one leg short

  5. Welp, looks like I lost my 5 leg +975 parlay by 3 Miles Sanders rushing yds

  6. Hurts in the background looking like Darkwing Duck

  7. Purdy 1+ INT (he's been playing with fire and Eagles pass defense is better than Dallas)

  8. Now do the studies about mothers suffering extreme depression as a result of breastfeeding. Good and bad with both forms of feeding.

  9. Think Philly tests Ward down the line with an AJB deep ball.

  10. Pacheco is very game script. It will hit if Chiefs are winning or within a touchdown. If Bengals are winning big don't see it hitting. McKinnon will be getting alot of snaps

  11. Brown has hit 4 boards once in the past ten games. What's your logic here?

  12. Killer. You also look like Philip from The Americans.

  13. It's the Winter of OP. Buy a hunk of cheese the size of a car battery.

  14. Noob question: I just downloaded DK and got the free $200. It comes in eight $25 increments and it seems like I have to use all $25 in a bet. Is this right? I can't just use a bonus in part?

  15. Damn. At least FD lets you break it up. Thanks though.

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