1. Who rape who first, that is the real Match-up 🍷

  2. As I remember it was said that M city is the safest place or one of the safest places in the world because the monsters are afraid of him, understandable considering that he is King

  3. It’s funny because it’s one of the most infested Cities

  4. Getting the super serum allowed him abilities like Photographic memories allowing him to learn a lot quicker from Academic to martial Art

  5. I say in the Long Run Fuhrer Ugly because the uglier he thinks he is the Stronger he becomes and he was strong enough to match Darkshine blows although Carnage did that for 15mins. So in a drawn out fight it goes to Fuhrer and short term Carnage wins

  6. Wanda could have but he would be a double edge sword attack friend & foe since a he’s going on a rampage blindly

  7. Idk both fandoms give both of this characters a lot of wanks

  8. But Tatsumaki makes sense to wank off to in both categories if you know what I mean 😏

  9. Gouketsu bruh ain’t no a magical nut touching him

  10. After watching Captain America Winter Soldier and Civil War Cap needs to stay for He is a true brother to Bucky and took care of him even when the world wanted him gone. Get rid of Scarlet I don’t feel attached to her and not enough plot for her to make you really like

  11. What kind of Blowing skills are we talking about 😏

  12. Suiryu murders everyone & low-mid-rape Yujiro

  13. Listen I know there’s Fubuki Worshipper and the Tatsumaki Worshipper but me, I worship the one and only Pyskos

  14. Ngl I thought that was Godzilla in the middle back by Psykos

  15. Vhagar both rounds because he’s twice as big as Drogon in a Fight Size really does matter

  16. Did you post this to get free karma or are you just bored?

  17. Bored and one of my friends said nukes can’t even kill Demon and I called total BS on that so I had ask you guys

  18. The center of a nuclear explosion initially burns 10 times hotter than the surface of the sun, imo I think it would be vaporized

  19. Ayo this is good af, goes right in the wallpaper folder

  20. Great Protector. Vhagar is a somewhat plausible animal, the Great Protector has scales equivalent to vibranium and magic.

  21. That’s right her Scales is not only durable but has magical property to kill Magical Beings. In fact Katy shoot an arrow that that enough potency to pierced the Dweller-In-Darkness throat

  22. I say The Great Protector wins because she can fly faster and can Control Wind and Water. Her Dragon Scales also been stated to rival Vibranium which is the strongest Metal on Earth in Marvel. So even if Vhagar gets a bite, it might not penetrate her scales

  23. You forgot The Great Protector - 200ft, Alotih - miles, Surturs fire dragon - 100ft,

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