1. I’ve never heard it called a wood louse! Very interesting.

  2. Rolly Polley!! We played with those all the time.

  3. The Rose has a definite appeal amongst purists. The Eta is a slightly thinner case which, some say, wears better. Personally I like the Rose.

  4. The wind will blow so long as there’s an atmosphere and a temperature gradient on earth. But there’s only so much coal on the earth, for all intents and purposes

  5. Who mentioned coal? Gen 4 nuclear is the future. But don’t expect the WEF to endorse it.

  6. Ok, I’m with you there for sure (check my comment to another in the thread), I’ll be honest I just thought you were someone who parrots whatever they hear on the Internet and doesn’t do any more. Idk, I’m just getting more cynical I guess

  7. He has also spent decades taking companies to court over environmental issues that affect children's health. It's not just vaccine safety, it's a lot of things that make US kids have worse health than many other developed countries. No wonder corporations and corrupt agencies have convinced weak minds that he is a bad guy. On the other hand, since Fauci took control of public health, it has deteriorated alarmingly.

  8. That’s worth a lot of money per hour.

  9. Because mayors and city councils have less influence than mayors and state senates….

  10. Over local crime absolutely. Red states are red because of rural voters. The vast majority of crime doesn’t occur within “red areas” inside red states. The crime occurs in blue cities, inside red and blue states.

  11. A vast majority of everything occurs where a vast majority of people are.

  12. Economic production happens despite democrat policies, not because of them. Blue states are losing population and manufacturing businesses because of policies. The murders happening in “red states” are primarily in blue sections of cities. Look at the murder maps.

  13. Even as humans keep chopping down trees? Have you been paying attention to the Amazon Rainforest?

  14. Yes actually, since the mid 90s. You know what’s fkn great at making trees regrow? CO2. North American forest regrowth is decades ahead of post-WW2 predictions made by the US Forestry department.

  15. I don't think you understand the difference between net and gross. This is business 101 vocabulary.

  16. So, the data on climate before satellites is problematic? Thanks for pointing out the key to climate skepticism!!!That means this entire discussion relating to pre-industrial temps compared to post-industrial temps is BULLSHIT. All of the climate proxies we have before satellites are not accurate, which you just confirmed, and only represent local climate phenomenon, compared with ACCURATE measurements. You are correct. 👍🏼

  17. The temp proxies before satellites is not trustworthy.

  18. I had several drams last night. 🤤

  19. I’m not hearing any libertarian voices defending big pharma these days…. I’m pretty sure that’s those other people.

  20. Why does my favorite mineral water have the most… 🤦🏼‍♂️

  21. Which strap is that? This is the reason I have chosen to get the FXD over the standard pelagos, even though I’m a big bracelet guy. That lume is just killer

  22. That’s a BluShark Orca. I probably own a dozen of them.

  23. No one gives a shit what CNN thinks. Not even people who watch CNN.

  24. The 150/5 is probably my most often used sander. Get a dust extractor next!

  25. Why is the lion’s share “financial aid” but a smaller portion is “humanitarian?” If not military, what is the financial aid going towards? Is it just money that gets put toward other things but just isn’t earmarked?

  26. (It’s a money laundering operation)

  27. I love how a guy burning a book becomes an international scandal. Such a distraction.

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