UBS CEO resignes

A glowing commendation for all to see

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

Can't stop seeing stars

  1. Lamborghini is also watching this sub. Preparing to send out brochures for new Lambos to all the Apes

  2. I seem to recall another vid of this from the girls side of the door. She was trying to get at another student.

  3. Id fucking run if i was forced to commit business suicide.

  4. Shorts no shirt and a thick ass hot, puffy jacket. Are all kids retarded these days?

  5. Remember when Michael Burry was all confused about the market going up when it should have collapsed?

  6. The lights come on and everyone leaves. There, ruined it for you. Now go watch it anyways.

  7. Too many exchanges showing wildly different numbers, too.

  8. I remember long ago when you could buy a left hand only diamond encrusted glove.

  9. Gamestop owned Blockbuster home streaming service. I'd subscribe.

  10. Next week they get bought by Citadel for an undisclosed amount.

  11. Absolutely amazing, isn't it? It's like we're in a fucking alternate universe.

  12. Rwmember when Burry was confused that the market was supposed to be tanking, yet defying all logic and math, was soaring??

  13. Let’s just buy Reddit, then we can fix the admin issues too.

  14. I'll make my own Reddit with blackjack and hookers. On second thought, forget the blackjack.

  15. How long till we see Doug crying on tv about how the poors broke the system?

  16. "Lets not start sucking each others dicks just yet" *~ Winston Wolf*

  17. Just saw this. Was wondering when the hit pieces would start. Saying Matt F was keen to keep firing people.

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