With Roe v Wade overturned, as men how do you feel?

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  1. Ill be having 6" lights. I was hoping of using 8 of them since they came in a 2 packs of 4. Your layout is unique but I'll try to see how it goes for now. Thanks!

  2. Interesting.. Is that how it usually done? I thought the lights were supposed to be symmetrical to one another light those

  3. Depends on the home, if it's a cheap cookie cutter where the contractor is just trying to bang through as many as possible then they'll probably be symmetrical like that..

  4. I miss the “old days” - my DDM4V1 was competitively priced at $1300 out the door when I bought it at the FKKY PX. Still a nice rifle, but would I spend like $2k on a new one? Oof… I like BCM, but would I spend even more than a DD on one? Oof…

  5. Zero chance you’ve done the research because it’s all marketing bullshit

  6. To be honest.. I kinda like how everyone leaves when I start shooting.. get the entire range to myself, just pick the middle stall and watch people pack up.

  7. They should have been able to drill through the rafter with a longer bit and a smaller hole. But, if they didn't have a long enough bit, patching on giant hole will look better than a bunch of small ones every 32".

  8. If by rafters you mean trusses, then absolutely not. That's a big no no in construction and can get your license revolked in a hurry if it's something you're doing often.

  9. Leaving that much brass on the range between pickups is just bad etiquette.. how many mag dumps would that be? Lmao

  10. What country are you from that it's included in the Healthcare?? As far as I was aware, dental is almost never included.

  11. Not sure why this was downvoted. Tacos is my choice too.. I already eat them multiple times a week lol.

  12. Water isn't bad for your skin. Shower once with soap, then rinse off for the next one..

  13. In california, almost every public campsite is cutthroat as hell. They go live 6 months in advance and if you're not online at 7 am when they go live you're not getting one, even if you are it's brutal out there.

  14. You don't have public land and forests that anyone can just go use/enjoy in California?

  15. What could there possibly be to discuss that makes forcing a 12 year old raped by her father to carry a pregnancy?

  16. Since you're so wise on this subject and have obviously dealt with it thousands of times to be parroting it in every single thread on this page.. how exactly is this abused 12 year old thats being raped by her father going to get an abortion even if she was in a state that allowed it? Is she going to ask her dad to drive her?

  17. Literally how both the left and the right argue. Both are stupid, yet we see it constantly.

  18. And how, pray tell, can one defend themselves with a firearm if they have to be locked away with ammunition stored in a separately locked container.

  19. I don't think I've ever heard of a story involving someone getting jailed for defending themselves with a firearm after proving that the circumstances which leads to the events were reasonable and self defense. Unless the poor storing of the weapon can undermine the circumstances themselves, but that's a different topic

  20. I'm not using lies or misinformation. It is illegal in Canada to purchase/own a firearm for self defence. That is a fact, not an opinion.

  21. Ss: if you're anti vaccine but anti abortion you should rethink your ideals on freedom

  22. But doesn't it concern you that you could be on the hook for child support? Having a uterus is only half the story.

  23. Sexual activities come with risks. If you're willing to have sex with someone you are consenting to the risk of a possible pregnancy.

  24. I think most women seeking abortion have the fetuses welfare in mind when making the decision. Clearly they aren’t ready for the responsibility or can’t support them well enough financially. Both are okay reasons to not have kids. Now, instead of having a choice the government took away this right depending on which state borders you live in. You like the government have say in your everyday life don’t you?

  25. My comment was specifically directed to someone who's opinion was about how men would now be on the hook for child support. Nothing about the woman's well being, they were directly commenting about a man now being financially on the hook because they can no longer force some woman into an abortion.

  26. Pepperoni mushroom or pepperoni olive are the best 2 cheap pizza combos.. I'll die on this hill, in my tighty whities.

  27. You'd have to work to not accidentally get hit in the head with a better job in my area. Fast food restaurants are hiring full time all positions 15$ an hour with bennies in my area. I ate at dairy QUEEN the other day and I witnessed a woman who didn't speak English, apply, interview, get a job, and be told to start in 2 days, all before my ice cream melted. It's unbelievable how useless some people are on this website.

  28. I know people who do this while making pretty low wages, it really isn't a flex lmao

  29. So you agree then, having the newest phone every year isn't a flex

  30. The only people I know that do that are extremely well off.. so it is a flex yes. Literally cannot think of a single person I know who updates their phone every year besides the 2 I mentioned.

  31. Ss: Strict gun laws are highly correlated with fewer gun deaths.

  32. The part you're missing: he raised the prices to that for insurance companies only, but gave the drugs for free to anyone that didn't have insurance and couldn't afford to pay..

  33. Why you Americans don't use wago?!?! Burn your house down I don't give a fuck I am tired of seeing this "Wire nuts"

  34. True that, what if you already have said printer? Just material alone be cheaper? I was thinking like carbon fiber nylon or PLA? Or is there more to it than just the plastic that you can see?

  35. Most chassis are milled from a block of aluminum.. they may have a few polymer parts, but the main portion needs to be extremely rigid.

  36. Why is this relevant? I guess the world will find out tonight

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