1. Does anyone remember playing Jump Start? And the teenage equivalent to that game?? That was my shit back in the day

  2. The kind who would immediately off themselves because they didn’t want to live in that world lol

  3. I act like everyone else when it comes to being Rick-Rolled, but I actually love that song so I don’t get upset when I get Rick-Rolled lmao

  4. “It was God’s plan.” So that’s supposed to make me feel better? Get real

  5. Green Lantern. Sorry to Ryan Reynolds, but everytime I try to watch that movie, I end up falling asleep 20 minutes in.

  6. Siren. I’m still dumbfounded that the show was canceled after the last season ended so ambiguously. I love that show, I just want it to come back😩

  7. Supposedly. My dad says “supposebly” all the time and it drives me and my mom insane.

  8. Seafood. I just can’t do it. I’ve never had it before but everytime I step into a red lobster or any other seafood place, the smell makes me wanna puke.

  9. School shootings being taken seriously enough to put alarm systems in every school, but not seriously enough to enforce some kind of gun laws.

  10. This is kinda long so buckle up. I Would make kinda dark jokes with her about topics that most people would find too sensitive to joke about, but she would take the jokes even further, (i.e, extreme racism, would joke about killing pregnant women, etc) whenever she made those jokes, I would ask her to move onto something else as they made me uncomfortable. One day we were joking around again and I don’t remember quite what I said, but it had something to do with gun rights. She fell silent and said I had crossed a line. And before you ask, no I did not joke about killing anyone nor did I joke about mass shootings, I’m pretty sure that I was just poking fun at gun owners who make their whole personality about their guns. I asked if she was serious and she said yes. I then asked her about the constant jokes she made about killing pregnant women and she said that was different. A few days later after not speaking to her, I get several notifications on my phone from a group chat I was added to on Instagram. She had added me and 4 girls who had bullied the both of us in middle school and told them I was being racist. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I left the group chat without saying anything to them and tried to cut them all off, but they kept harassing me from different accounts for days. They even went as far as to make a fake Instagram pretending to be me and made me go around and say awful, racist things to people I don’t even know. I just kept ignoring them, hoping they’d leave me alone and they finally stopped. Now whenever I hear people make dark jokes, I just walk away or ask them to change the topic.

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