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  1. They were seeing this picture and thinking you know what? If I repost this in 3 months I can get a shit load of karma

  2. Freema looks amazing, especially next to her onscreen mom at the same age.

  3. You really gonna choose to die on this hill?

  4. Its cool to see the man settings but ef are too finicky to take his knob position as definitive to get his sound. I have a twin with Weber calis and these settings on my microtron don't work for both my strat and sg. think it's a viable starting point though to start tweaking.

  5. Is your strat SSS config? If so, you will definitely need to tweak it. I find envelope filters work best with humbuckers in the bridge position or all pickups position.

  6. You need to tweak the gain knob with strats. I also heard Jerry always used single coils when engaging ef

  7. Black sabbath but only the Dio incarnation of the band.

  8. Haha, live with it. Ozzy not to my tastes. Never liked him.

  9. This is the envelope filter, so your FOTM and Estimated Prophet sound

  10. Don't forget Shakedown Street and Dancing in the Streets. Feel like a Stranger as well I believe.

  11. Awesome! Yeah, once you find the setting you like on a mutron you gotta mark em because that thing can get really weird

  12. I just used what the manual called out as Jerry's settings (which are the same as the picture here) and have never had any problems since.

  13. Right. At first I was like wtf that's not a sonar. Original art is way better that this steampunk garbage pictured.

  14. Gratz that currently been my favorite drive pedal for the last 6 months. Was the sound I was looking for. 27 drive pedals later.....

  15. AC/DC Bag looks awesome with the bagpipe head — although I think the AC/DC Bag isn't really an anthropomorphized entity, but instead is an object kind of like a hangman's gallows. I could be wrong though.

  16. I would venture a total guess that this is priced more on rarity than uniqueness.

  17. Rather unfortunate it’s how things get lost to history. So much of our history is already lost to tragedy such as fire why let more fall victim

  18. Modern times mean we can digitize the books and return them to their initial locations so we can save the art and writing

  19. ......ok? don't know why you are telling me something I already know. You mentioned losing stuff in the past to fire. I simply brought up the library of Alexander as an example of once such instance.

  20. Stupid title, post doesn’t fit the sub at all.

  21. So did he actually come into the store with that or was he actually trying to steal?

  22. You know I think the crazy guy might not be a reliable source of what happened.

  23. Would deadheads getting into King Gizzard be called “Gizzheads”?

  24. Arizona I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, I’d also like to go to a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater one day.

  25. Never had the timeline but I had the Boonar and now I'm onto the Volante. Both are great. I was able to match up my Boonar Floyd setting (that came straight from David Gilmours Rig as this is what he uses now) to the Volante and save it. (I posted the setting if you end up getting a Volante). Personally I'm not big on the, it can do all delays like the timeline. I like something that is a master of one, not a jack of all trades. Plus there are so many settings and modes that I would never use.

  26. I always think of that Austin Powers scene where they are taking a shit and Arnold's Character tells Austin to give it a Courtesy Flush or he is going to Blow an O Ring

  27. Qzy says:

    Oh she opened an OnlyFans after losing her job? Lol.

  28. That's why she gave us the down the shirt shot. To help promote her OnlyFans.

  29. That's why she gave us the down the shirt shot. To help promote her new Onlyfans. Check it out.

  30. It sounds great, but the preamp can cause some practicality issues. Engaging the pedal gives you a volume bump and low end loss. It's a great sound, but not always the kind of tone change you may want.

  31. You can open the pedal and change it so that the preamp is always on, even when the pedal off

  32. Not so much an oversight as something they intentionally did as that's what the original unit does and this is a faithful recreation of the original. I just account for the vol. Bump like you said.

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