1. I love babies and don’t mind kids depending on their personalities (much like adults). It’s a huge commitment raising a healthy human psychologically, emotionally, financially and it’s so easy to screw up or for things to go awry.

  2. Women are allowed to show emotions and be weak publicly BUT we are punished for it which is the part men ignore. If a woman admits to crying the average person (and other groups of women) are more likely to tolerate the situation compared to a man (unless it's an extreme situation).

  3. Cut regular beauty treatments, gym membership(s) and reduced shopping.

  4. I've got parents who still rent and financed a car at 50 years old. So... what now?

  5. Can you live at home? That’s going to be the only thing that might get you ahead!

  6. That's been a plan since covid. Maybe it's time i do.

  7. It can be pretty worthwhile even for a year or so you can put aside a decent amount! Good luck

  8. It's not just GPs who need proper funding. Why the hell do I need to pay something like $150 every time I need to to see my specialist for my chronic condition? The medicare rebate from that is only about $60 each time.

  9. It penalised people for being sick basically and while it’s better than the US systems it’s a far cry from a functioning system.

  10. Family didn't exist in aus in 2000 even. To date we have 6 between my parents, myself and my sibling/their partner.

  11. Evidently you aren’t purchasing alone which is the real advantage? If you were single and didn’t have family support it would be far more difficult to purchase property (not impossible).

  12. I didn't have any family support other than being able to stay at home till 25. I just invested early and accepted a big debt (debt on my properties is still there).

  13. Living at home till 25 is family support and it’s ridiculous to even suggest otherwise.

  14. Sadly, very few other fields interest me, so I think I'll continue to risk it.

  15. Same! I’ve got a decent and stable job that I hate (plus almost finished a degree which I dislike). I know with certainty which jobs aren’t for me.

  16. I’m so sorry that you went though this experience and it’s awful the university mislead you.

  17. Thanks for sharing your story! This is so helpful as a young person currently being frugal watching everyone around me rent nice apartments, splurge and basically not worry about money.

  18. I have a question for OP and any other FIRE minded people who want to join in:

  19. I know someone who is super smart, does advanced maths and analytics for work, who waited well into their 30s to have a first child and STILL did not figure out childcare until maternity leave was almost up. All I could think was WTF

  20. Most people I know who work in these fields have spreadsheets modelling the costs, government benefits and budgetary requirements. BUT many seemed to have been willing to have kids regardless of the financial constraints which is fascinating.

  21. Government benefits, grandparents, debt, sacrifices (less holidays or things for themselves etc), might work extra jobs/hours.

  22. I just had a kid at the start of the year. I can’t see how he will ever own a home. We’ve just bought and the only thing I can do is teach him financial literacy and help him with a deposit. Bank of mum and dad is the way

  23. Was that a concern when you were deciding to have kids whether your child would have a decent future? Genuinely asking and interested in whether parents are concerned about it or if you will just plan to financially support your child to help them in the future. Cheers

  24. As a country, we need to get our shit together when it comes to building family sized apartments in dense areas, or at least more of those 2-3 bed single storey villas that were built in the 90s and 2000s and are popular with oldies.

  25. We need well made apartments full stop, the current supply is junk and will age so poorly.

  26. I’m neurodivergent and totally agree with this.

  27. The peace and quiet of being child free, petfree and partner free is amazing on a level that can’t be comprehended.

  28. I think there is an increase in childless people rather than childfree. Many people would have had kids but fertility treatments didn’t work, they didn’t find a partner, they don’t have sufficient support/income etc.

  29. If someone has one child or more I’m entirely confused as to why the would want a child. When people with kids describe their lives or weekends I’m always internally grateful that’s not my life.

  30. I can technically do all those things and can mask pretty well but it takes a huge drain on my energy and wellbeing overtime.

  31. This is why I won’t have children unless I can basically give them the

  32. I've been doing this since I was 18. I'm far from the best but the fact that I work where I do and always have glowing feedback must mean something

  33. Please ignore the commenter below who is evidently self interested and has no concept of your personal situation or goals.

  34. She actually had a low paying job and still does, but bought an apartment worth $200k with inheritance money, then sold same apartment much later for more than triple the original value.... Very lucky I guess!

  35. Interesting! Evidently lots of luck involved in her case but it’s totally fine to have different values and drives. I think it’s normal to value different things!

  36. I think it’s more people who aren’t focused on personal finance who come here seeking advice and guilt trip those who are that is the main problem.

  37. I have a very similar situation although I’ve never been as extreme into savings!

  38. Unfortunately you’ll find often the less you get paid the harder you work.

  39. Where are these chill APS4 roles in government? I feel like most job stress is created by the people not necessarily the job.

  40. The west is usually full of welfare programs to help moms with children. That is how you find poor women having multiple children and most of them grow fine.

  41. There lives of women and children’s in poverty is not ideal and produces greatly adverse outcomes.

  42. Well, I guess hypergamy doesn't help here either. If women have a media-twisted view of how men should look or behave, they will be unsatisfied by normal men.

  43. Millions of normal and average men are married and in relationships.

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