1. Great post and excellent call out on the vault weapons. How is the same issue happening every time they add a new vault weapon? There must be some real lack of accountability internally at Dice for something like to persist

  2. The ADS Nerf can be circumvented by double tapping your ADS keybind.

  3. It’s really disappointing that dice doesn’t have the budget or manpower to create new assets for maps…

  4. As long as they release a completed game that’s fun and doesn’t have shitty design choices, bugs, etc then I’ll be happy.

  5. We probably won’t get shit after season 6. Dice usually abandons their games a month or 2 after December

  6. Battlefield V had its last substantial content update in June 2020. So we might just get Season 7, or 8… fingers crossed.

  7. He’s right in a way though. If anyone posts a clip of them getting multiple kills in a row, their integrity is brought into question by people with hack accusations. Or if anyone shows how many T1 Badges they have.

  8. Yup and the slight decrease to McKays strafe speed unless he is using an smg or hand gun

  9. Awesome. I saw the McKay nerf but not seeing the strafe increase for other specialists in the notes

  10. With the addition of new placeable items in the upcoming update, Paik’s EMG-X Scanner should get the ability to highlight and spot claymores, t-ugs, etc

  11. This is like the 3rd time, Bradley Chubb has been called nick chubb

  12. It’s odd how the way this team has been playing is similar to how they have performed the last few years. Poor defense that cannot manage to get stops with a flashy offense that relies on the run game for success.

  13. They really could lose out at this point. Legitimately.

  14. Why the hell would they fire Clint Hurtt after 1 season? Are you mad?

  15. Why would they keep him? It's clearly a dogshit scheme from a dogshit coordinator.

  16. 2042 Attachments, and Camos for Vault Weapons

  17. Wow, I can’t believe they actually did it. Now to test it if it works as intended..

  18. Glad to see this has been posted over here,

  19. Definitely weaponry. The Vault weapons still need some work in terms of sound, and feel. Also, it would be great if mastery skins could be added to them to add a bit more customization to the weapons.

  20. Please do!!! This map on TDM is excellent

  21. Is there timetable based on previous games on when a patch will be released for these games?

  22. Yikes. Let’s hope they follow the XY time and release it soon.

  23. Do the new games have Pokémon sizes like PLA?

  24. Do you have cross play turned off?

  25. I thought I was the only one getting invisible assets. I had a few enemy players being invisible and constant crashing.

  26. Same here, it’s getting really bad. I’ve never had it be this bad before.

  27. The idea of adding vault weapons was great however the implementation is very poor. No skins, and they won’t add 2042 attachments. But they should be able to do the Ammo types, like it can’t be that much work, right?

  28. I know BF2042 isn’t the perfect battlefield but hell, I’ll still give Dice props for trying instead of completely abandoning the game.

  29. If modified apps were detectable, Niantic would detect joystick app: GPS Joystick, Fake GPS Joystick Routes & Go, and FGL Pro would be detected too. Pokewalk and Defit would also be detected. Cheating would be dead on Android if they could detect it. They can't detect them, so they are resorting to tracking player statistics through their anti-cheat system.

  30. How would they detect an external app that isn’t within Pokémon Go? I’m just saying it’s easier to see a modified APK server side as opposed to external apps like AppNinjas Joystick. If you load into Pokémon go with a modified client, how wouldn’t niantic not be able to see that more often?? It’s simple.

  31. Google is holding Niantic back on app detection because Niantic has to breach your privacy in order to detect the apps, which they have done in the past to give GPS Joystick and FGL Pro users a 2016-2017 ban wave. Pgsharp is using the Pokemon Go you get from the Play Store except they modified it to add cheating features. Essentially, it's the same app. Pgsharp has been out for more than 2 years now, and Niantic has failed to detect modified apps on Android. I am also not going to give ideas to Niantic on how they can detect a modified app, since this is a public site.

  32. Understandable. All this stems from the increasingly number of people receiving strikes from PGSharp. Is there a correlation to how easier it is to being detected? Who knows, like you said. But we can only theorize unless someone else has some insider knowledge

  33. Bruh this has been a thing since day 1 and posted nearly once a week since

  34. And it’ll keep getting posted until Dice fixes it. 🤷🏽

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