Trump could be blocked from running again, former White House ethics boss says | ‘We should not have to deal with his candidacy in 2024’

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  1. If your near Middletown hit me up way cheaper an stronger i got fire live resin on the low called jet fuel

  2. What the other guy said. I’m from the area and know this is better than anything I can get on the street

  3. I might be looking too if you have more you are looking to get rid of 🤷‍♂️

  4. He fired 5 people from the white house for past pot use. So id say he will not legalize pot

  5. That's why Michigan gets thousands of Ohio residents crossing the border daily to get rec cannabis while Ohio loses out on tax revenue 😅. I guess it's still too profitable to ticket/arrest people for a harmless plant 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. The Ohio medical card is a scam, along with the Ohio dispensary prices and the whole process of who can grow and who can't.

  7. Fuckin hope so. Someone that tries to do what he did shouldn't be given another shot.

  8. holy shit, still posting anti-vax shit as her husband is actively dying lmao

  9. Well i just buried 2 vaccinated family members who died from covid 19. I have not been vaccinated an in worse health then them. Due to a liver transplant. An i was around them 24-7 an never tested positive.

  10. That sign appears to be placed on public right of way, not someone's yard. There may be limitations on political signage in that space, and/or there may be volunteer "editors" who would like to take a crack at correcting this disinformation ...

  11. I saw a guy post screenshots of a pdf from his phone that appeared to show tens of thousands of fraudulent votes. But there were no headers, no file name, nothing. Just the tables.

  12. Least trump didn't kill 7 innocent children in taliban. Glad you support a kid killer sicko

  13. The best part is all these people who have never been in the military pretending they understand anything about it.

  14. You know vaccinated people are getting it an end up in icu. Just cause media dont cover dont mean its not happening

  15. Good thing he took himself out before Christmas. Imagine all the poor children he would’ve infected…both with his virus and his racism.

  16. Gonna head up tomorrow. Haven't been to thc Detroit. Looks like they got alot of deals on edibles.

  17. Yes an being your first time there they will give you a free tray a free ashtray a free plastic grinder an a fire free preroll. An there edibles are amazing prices. Cookies is having a good flower sales. Just be carful we drove from middletown ohio to detroit an back an seen least 30 cops

  18. I believe it. Labor day weekend. I'm hoping tomorrow it dies down. Definitely don't wanna deal with that lol but my GPS normally warns me of cops about a half mile ahead of time so that helps alot lol

  19. You do realize that hospitals mandate a ton of vaccines for their employees. If someone is afraid of a mandate, you should never go into health care. Same for education. Both professions are full of requirements.

  20. Sorry to hear that. Happy to hear that your vaccinated wife didn't spread the virus to you though.

  21. I have no clue how we smoke drink together sleep together. An im way more high risk then her since i had a liver transplant 30 years ago. An ill never take the vaccine.

  22. I don't have time to drive to MI... I'll pay for saving time and gas, especially at the rate gas goes for these days!! Quick 15min drive and I'm there...LoL

  23. Also please stop comparing live rosin carts to shitty distillate. It’s like comparing Mexican brick to high grade flower. Not all carts are the same… sorry broke boys.

  24. This is wrong. You’ll get the $150 ticket, and you’ll also get a federal drug trafficking charge for transporting across state lines. Stop misinforming people because you’ve been “lucky”

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