1. My impression was that she took enough lessons to be able to fake convincingly. What she was doing looked impressive but didn't totally match the sound.

  2. ESH. Grace probably should have declined, but if she's a concert pianist she's asked to play aaaalllll the time. Lily is being grossly oversensitive and whiny about something that shouldn't cause such a huge rift.

  3. That's exactly what Christians say about those who leave. "You just wanted to sin."

  4. I started having a few doubts and decided to strengthen my faith by looking into my beliefs in more depth and reading the Bible cover to cover. The more I learned, the more I realized that the whole thing had been invented by humans and wasn't divine at all. Spent some time learning about other religions and generic spirituality not attached to any one religion, couldn't get past the problem of evil.

  5. I’d like to see some details on those numbers. Are they counting collections from church goers?

  6. Most of those statistics include all money given to churches as "charitable contributions," even though the bulk of the money goes to staff salaries and building upkeep rather than to charity.

  7. The suspense is "Will they convert at the end or not?"

  8. Right, because secular countries have way more mass shootings than the US does.

  9. Try doing a search on Christians falling for conspiracy theories. There's a ton of stuff out there on the subject.

  10. We brought our kids up where Santa brought them one gift and filled the stocking. The rest of the gifts were from us.

  11. That’s pretty much what we did. Gifts were from family, Santa put some small toys and treats in stockings.

  12. Religious leaders have become masters of psychological manipulation. They know exactly how to play a crowd and elicit emotional responses. Then they claim that it’s the Holy Spirit when in truth it’s just the effect of the music, the singsongy voice, and the emotional manipulation of the way stories are told.

  13. Then he should be throwing the door open to all the immigrants from overwhelmingly Christian Central American countries.

  14. Be cause they’re not actually having auditory hallucinations. The church encourages people to imagine that they hear God, but that’s not at all the same as having genuine hallucinations.

  15. Men are automatically valuable in the cult. Women are only valuable if they please men sexually.

  16. Jerm wants the lifestyle but doesn’t want to actually work.

  17. Near death experiences are real, they’re just not real trips to an afterlife. If they were people would all see pretty much the same things, but they don’t. There are wild variations in what people see, any religious imagery is connected to the person’s own culture, and many such experiences have no religious imagery at all. Using NDEs to promote religion feels so wrong to me.

  18. I really want a mentally ill person who thinks he’s the messiah to get one of these drivers and have the entire conversation recorded.

  19. I remember someone who used to be a Facebook friend started out a post saying that he (a white guy) liked what BLM was trying to do, but just didn't agree with the way they did it. When people asked him to clarify, he said that BLM people would accuse him of being racist for no reason just because he was white. By the end of that discussion, he was ranting about how white people were actually responsible for civil rights, so somehow it doesn't seem very surprising that they thought he was racist.

  20. White people were responsible for civil rights? More like white people were the reason we needed to specify that basic civil rights should apply to everyone.

  21. No good evidence that any religious claims are true.

  22. That's not an ebony fingerboard, it's a softer wood with black paint and the paint is wearing off.

  23. It's the old "Jesus is a cool dude who wants to be your friend" campaign packaged for the 2020s.

  24. In other words, stop bothering random people with your religion.

  25. The idea that the trinity is polytheistic has been around for decades at least.

  26. They have invented fake Christian back stories for many of the pagan traditions.

  27. I remember hearing stories from Baptists about their religion being carried on through groups of True Christians who gathered in private homes away from Catholic eyes to read the Bible. Never mind the fact that Bibles at the time were hand-copied, very expensive, in Latin, and generally only available to the clergy. Never mind that the non-elites, which they claim to have been part of, were almost always illiterate even in their own language, never mind Latin. It's quite the fantasy.

  28. More like so they can correct people who might be "led away from God" by such obviously Satanic books.

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