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  1. How is 225 per single person and 375 per couple, if you qualify make sense when 200 million was announced. Theres 1.4 million people in Manitoba. I just can’t wrap my head around these numbers.

  2. 1.4 million people aren't eligible. Only those who submit taxes.

  3. Thats why I said If you Qualify. Which makes even less sense. Where is 200 million going if there’s only 225 per single and 375 per couple.

  4. Approximately 1.4 million people in Manitoba. So each person is getting roughly 1.42 million?? Sweet.

  5. This is clearly Trudeau's fault for not giving our province healthcare transfers with no strings attached. Heather Bucks will clear this up.

  6. There’s zip guns, pipe guns, printed guns. The only option is for every single person to carry a sidearm honestly. It’s unfortunate, but the only option for the law abiding innocent citizens. Especially where I am in Canada. The murder capital of Canada. Someone getting shot or stabbed daily. It’s disgusting.

  7. only if you promise to donate it back to the pc party of mb

  8. I’m more than fine with him coming to the Jets. No reason not to be. He’s a proven Champion. Go all in now as it could be the final time for a few of these long time Jets players who deserve the managements full help.

  9. Time. Sure time heals wounds. However, in that time you reclaim yourself, you rediscover yourself, and to a certain degree, reinvent yourself. Do things you love doing and stay away from whatever you and your ex did as a couple. Also, try not talking with mutual friends about yourself or your ex. There are many different ways you just need to find the ways that work best for you.

  10. I’m certainly not affiliated with any party and am a floater. People really forget about what the NDP and Selinger did, and the doofus before him?? Healthcare has been collapsing here since the 80’s.

  11. First time she ever tried walking up a stair. Her lard wasn’t used to that particular type of motion and shifted causing the support logs to buckle.

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