1. Don't start eating. Once I start, it's on!

  2. Oh lord and it never ends. Next thing you know you’ve watched a whole episode of the sopranos and there’s a whole cake missing

  3. Do you have a little stuffed monkey I can point on…? I’m embarrassed to say out loud where he touched me…

  4. Obergefell was a horrible decision, and I say that as someone who thinks gay marriage should be legal. Its patently obvious the framers of the 14th didn't mean for it to cover same sex marriage. But certain members of SCOTUS decided they wanted ride the wave of the social zeitgeist.

  5. Hey man the 14th amendment is pretty hard to interpret as not providing equal rights for gays as much as anyone else

  6. He's not "setting his sights on Obergefell". He's setting his sights on substantive due process, just like he has for 30 years.

  7. He’s setting his sights on destroying peoples rights because he doesn’t agree with them on his “moral highground”. If he wasn’t a homophobic sexist he wouldn’t care

  8. Is it bad that this legitimately does convince me to come to hookups since I can’t buy alcohol for myself yet

  9. There is no one on earth who honestly believes the first amendment is for porn.

  10. No, circular reasoning is not a legitimate definition. Anybody outside of Reddit would laugh at you for saying that, I certainly am.

  11. You sound like you have an internalized angst towards people who want to be men, perhaps reaching from deep rooted feelings of failure in your own masculinity. Maybe you’re upset that you never felt like you truly accomplished the task of being as masculine as you wanted and you feel threatened when you see “women” transition over and become the men you felt you never could become.

  12. That’s honestly the most brain dead takes I’ve ever seen. How can you possibly attack my masculinity without having the basic critical thinking skills to define define what a man is? Without having a definition of what a man is, there is no sense of “masculinity”, so any half ass insult you have against my own masculinity falls flat on it’s face. I can’t feel threatened when women “transition” because you have routinely failed to define what they transition into, which means they aren’t transitioning into anything. Also, it’s pretty transphobic and extremely problematic of you to just assume I identify as a man.

  13. Answer: From what I can tell, this has absolutely nothing to do with what's in the tweet, and everything to do with who tweeted it.

  14. “A more measured response came from a Turkish user who simply said: “The man made a joke, and those with low IQ immediately produced a conspiracy theory.”

  15. I feel like there might be a good story here …..

  16. Imagine everytime you blink its a different person from your fantasies and to troll you for the climax she turns into Danny Devito.

  17. completely fine with it, it gets weirder when its like.... adult adults on just a personality level lol. Like I totally expect teenagers and young adults to be ferociously making out without a care in the world haha.

  18. Must be depressing to be so against a marginalized group that you change your shopping habits for a month simply to spite them. Is there any other group you rearrange your life for because you don't want their activities "shoved down your throat?" Or is it only LGBT that gets under your skin so much?

  19. DeSantis. Trump actually governed decently, but his personality is a major problem. DeSantis is all of Trump's positives with none of his negatives.

  20. DeSantis is a lot more aggressive towards the LGBT community than Trump though. That might be a weakness in an election.

  21. I guess it depends on how far log cabin republicans, moderates, and libertarians can shove their fingers in their ears.

  22. The same reason people play video games or watch TV. It’s something to do, something to occupy your mind with.

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