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  1. They didn't say they would release anything more today, they just warranted that everything that was to be released would have been released by 9:30 today.

  2. Aren’t they both far-right, fascist sympathizers?

  3. I'm italian and yes she is allied to Forza Nuova, a far right fascist party and let us not forget Berlusconi too, who has Putin and fascist loyalists in his parties like Ignazio La Russa. Now is she fascist? No, I wouldn't necessarily say that, but is she a right wing populist? Absolutely.

  4. The question was about both of them being fascist sympathizers, so the answer is no.

  5. "Aw geez, I guess I should be fighting this Lex Luthor guy, but I dunno Rick, he reminds me of you I guess."



  8. How many times have they mentioned GMErica?

  9. Have the other tweets been from Sprout Social?

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