1. Younger people are put on a pedestal. A lot of older people especially men are agesit

  2. Uhh have you seen the number of young gay men obsessed with older ones (which is totally ok)? I'd say it's pretty much the same number

  3. He can pretty much say whatever he wants

  4. look, its okay, we can still improve ourselves. Don't be sad or something. Sometimes we may do things we dont want to, its good u realised ur mistake

  5. Thank you so much ❤️ you know how ruthless these girls can be 😆

  6. Ngl I would probably let out an involuntary chuckle if I was presented with a comically small peen. In my experience guys that are abnormally big or small usually mention it before hand.

  7. There’s nothing more ridiculous than a white guy going around calling others (white and POC alike) “racist” for liking white guys lol.

  8. I find it funny how you say "non-POC". POC just means non-white, so now we're on non-non-white xD

  9. Coke bottle as a dildo. Glass preferably.

  10. Please stop making new posts all the time hating on em and then deleting the old ones thanks

  11. I made one and no one is “hating” on that old corny washed up rapper that hasn’t had a good album in decades

  12. lol How did you decide it was his dick

  13. He’s not hitting it right like he used to I feel bored having sex with him. And his dick isn’t that big. I’ve been honestly looking at other options and don’t feel guilty cause he cheated on me before

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