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  1. Yup, they do that if the bottom of the pot stays damp—I’ve got mine on a wire shelf to keep the bottom dry, before that I kept them elevated with bricks and blew air across them

  2. Probably going to be harsh, might want to consider water curing

  3. Just remember folks, if a cop arbitrarily decides you’re not respecting him enough, he’s authorized to inflict violence or death and he’s not only armed, but he’s also effectively immune from any serious consequences

  4. Couple, three weeks maybe?—looks like she’s a little overfed, probably don’t need to flush, but it might be a good idea to give plain pH’d water next time & check the EC/TDS and pH of the runoff

  5. Unfortunately I don’t have the equipement for measuring EC/TDS yet.. but thanks for the advice, Imma look into all that and post results in a little less than a month 😬

  6. If you can’t check EC/TDS, maybe just flush with compost tea?

  7. I swear to Goddesses, I’m going to make bioactive pbh & coir work

  8. What’s the EC/TDS and pH in and out? Looks like she might be getting burned or pH lockout—if in vs out is way different, might need to adjust

  9. That’s more or less in range I guess, maybe just worm tea or myco chum or kelp & humic acids pH’d to 5,8 for a week & see what happens?

  10. Afraid to fall? If so, learn how fall without hurting yourself (derby is great for this)—should be the first lesson, and practiced every time you skate, no matter how long you’ve been skating

  11. Me too, but I can only fall in certain ways, lol—got used to pads & helmet

  12. Hey, that’s awesome. Topia? Depending on who you are, you’re one of three ppl I know that use them lol. They’re the key to any and all success I have. Unfortunately, the lids appear too complicated for most but they’re really not given how secure and useful they are

  13. Lol, not Topia—I’m Professor Lefty on Shroomery too, but I haven’t been active for a while

  14. Oh right on. I always thought a hit needle through the ship would make it not “heal” when you pulled the needle out. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

  15. Just to be clear, the needles not hot, it might have a drop of myc water on it though

  16. Geez, 0.36? Takes a lot of practice to get bac that high without passing out

  17. People who drink with diabetes will get BAC's that high.

  18. Well, shit—hope he doesn’t lose his job, or he’s gonna have to pay for his own insulin

  19. Remain silent unless it’s to say “Can I be in your guys’s club? I have a mustache, micropenis, and deep and simmering hatred of nonwhites”

  20. I think you’d be okay to chop in 4 days, bit early I guess, but imho proper drying/curing is more important

  21. First hydroponic grow in RDWC. A few leaves are spotted and yellowing. Some leaf curl. PH 5.95, ppm 1300/500, EC 2.6, RH 10% (desert). Weekly feed was yesterday, I suspect I over fed. Anyone see anything different?

  22. My guess is with an RH that low, they’re drinking & respiring a lot (high VPD)—if you can’t raise humidity, maybe lower EC by 25% or so? That way they’ll still be taking up a ton of water, but closer to a normal quantity of nutes. Maybe also switch to RO or rainwater? I take it the /500 PPM is tap water?

  23. Probably okay as long as you keep a good N/C ratio, i.e. don’t dump the lot in all at once, but spread it out over a couple weeks & add plenty of browns along with it

  24. On the fence about the 7-layer burrito, it’s a good deal for all the food you get, but it tends to have all the guac & sour cream in one spot, which is gross to bite into

  25. Hard to say at this point, but you should know in a few days; if it’s mold, you’ll get spores by then probably

  26. That's the same coir I use. It works great. Use oven tek for pasturization. Super easy and reliable. I highly recommend it over the bucket tek. It's so much easier to control all the variables.

  27. What do you pasteurize in? I’ve been using big disposable turkey trays, but if I leave the substrate in them for more than a week or two, it eats holes in the aluminum

  28. I do it in a steel pot in the oven. I've used the turkey trays too. Then I put my left overs in a closed Tupperware. It keeps its moisture pretty well. I've used it a couple months later without issues.

  29. I’m worried about it recontaminating if I move it to another container—I guess you must sanitize them?

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