1. It isn't about the effort, it's about fitting a character. Charlie Day and Jack Black both seemingly fit from what has been shown but Chris Pratt's voice just sounds off Vs traditional Mario. It isn't the worst thing but I still think he was a miscast and it is made way worse by just how good everyone else sounds in their roles

  2. It's the Flash. When you think of expansive characters I'd argue the Flash has contributed a lot to the universe arguably comparable to Batman. (Not that familiar to judge with Wonder Woman)

  3. Thank you. The whole time watching the show I was cringing because her foot should be messed up. And that's not counting balance issues from only having one. The fact that Marcy didn't get her another one in Newtopia makes no sense

  4. Yeah she looks very Lobstery. If her tail was larger maybe it wouldn't be as noticeable

  5. Absolutely. I've enjoyed the comics and it'll be fun seeing RWBY reimagined into the DC universe

  6. Debatably the start of the New Holy War but personally I'll say when Full Winged King showed up. After a long dragged out fight with Mael and killing off Derieri, King somehow gets a power boost that stomps because his dog died?

  7. At most Anne can what blow up a moon let's say? Roshi did that back in DB. I'd argue Saiyan Saga Goku could take the verde besides maybe the Guardian

  8. I never understood that show, it's entire thing is that it's like in game power creep but just turned into a show that also unnecessary turns one fight into 10 episodes

  9. It isn't just power creep. Most forms and transformations have some narrative build up and there is some solid development with the characters in there. Also it's more like a fight leads to another . Even if it's just watching one of the movies which are meant to be one off adventures, I'd recommend giving the show a try. Partly because the original anime had to be dragged out so they'd have material to adapt and partly because most people start half way through the show without even realising they skipped some of the best parts.

  10. Because she wouldn't exist in the new universe unlike the others who have counterparts

  11. It'll be available later. It's always this way with new characters

  12. So if you were in the cult of Spider-Man or something could you use cosplay to burn him?

  13. I feel that the show failed to capture some of the more fun elements of the character and wasted the Superhero law aspect. But it was nice seeing Shulkie . It's like coming full circle considering she was created to ensure the old Hulk show didn't make her first or something along those lines

  14. Doubt it would happen but it would be fun to get a Deadpool Corps film

  15. I get what they are saying. It has become a trope but given the context of the film (as in Mario is first experiencing this world) it makes sense. He's also not that bumbling. That said maybe it's the voice but he does feel more in like with Emmet from the Lego Movie in terms of characterisation

  16. Technically isn't every suit barring the Stark Tech and Symbiote one homemade?

  17. Morbius was teased on a sticker in the Daily Bugle set. That set also includes printed newspapers of Kingpin, Electro and Rhino. Hopefully this means we'll eventually get them too.

  18. We do have a TASM2 Electro and Rhino. And Curt Connors was also teased on a sticker in the Bugle.

  19. As cool as the TASM Rhino is (and I do like the Spidey and his Amazing friends one) it's just not the same. Rhino should be a big Fig along with Venom.

  20. The MCU one is just overdesigned. At least if they made the spider golden and removed the LEDs it would look decent

  21. I can take it or leave it. That said I prefer the web cape that 2099 has over under armed webs

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