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  1. Before the great Merlin was born, there were quite a few popular expressions. Death’s embrace, Troll’s breath, Godric’s sword, to name a few. But after Merlin was born and everyone who had come to visit the newborn were talking about the boy’s magnificent beard, people quickly started using it as an expression of surprise. Something witches and wizards from all over the world still do to this day. I am, alas, a little bit jealous that is hasn’t become “Dumbledore’s beard” yet. But I suppose that my beard is not magnificent enough for that honor.

  2. I would, in my not-so-humble opinion, put it this way: Mr. Newton Scamander was my second chance at having a brother, while Mr. Harry Potter was my second chance of looking after a younger sibling.

  3. Quite right, I was born with a beard. Many believe I grew it over the course of my life, I was, in fact, born with it.

  4. Hogwarts houses many phoenixes in the kitchens. If it happens to be their burning day, the house elves simply slide some bread underneath them before they burn up.

  5. I mean it's a nice quote... and yeah... Harry wasn't even at the feast as he was in the Hospital Wing in the book. But, nevertheless, sounds like something Dumbledore would say.

  6. The ghoul in the attic as Ron lmao

  7. Well, allow me to point out that any person who would have seen the basilisk, likely would not be able to tell anyone about it. Therefore, i think it likely that no one did see it.

  8. I was actually supposed to survive. All part of my brilliant plan. Alas, Minerva had forgotten the trampoline.

  9. Why do you suppose I gave him in the job, at long last, in Harry’s sixth year?

  10. His body disappeared. That is why way back when, in 1981, some people still didn’t feel safe. Some people believed Voldemort had not died that night, but simply disappeared. Of course, now we know that both are true in some way. In 1981, I too had my suspicions about whether or not he was truly gone. I always knew, deep down, that he would return one day. It wasn’t until May of 1993, when Harry destroyed Tom Riddle’s diary, that I knew for certain he would, and, of course, by what means.

  11. A witch or wizard is required to spend a fair bit of time together with their portraits to ensure they become as realistic as possible. A portrait who has barely seen his witch or wizard, will know a few phrases at most. A portrait that has spent nearly every day with it’s real life counterpart, will have become an indistinguishable copy.

  12. I am not too fond of school plays anymore. Not after what happened last time with Professor Beery’s rendition of the Fountain of Fair Fortune.

  13. Well, might I add that there’s a reason Mr. Malfoy was not sorted into Ravenclaw? I’m sure it’s quite apparent.

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